Sports Accident Insurance FAQ’s for Table Tennis England

1st August 2016

This is intended as a guide for Table Tennis England (TTE) members only. Should you be in any doubt or require any further clarification then please contact Towergate Insurance who will be pleased to assist

Reference should be made to the cover summary statement as produced by insurers at the beginning of each policy period (currently 1st August each year)

Q. Who is covered by the policy ?

All player members of TTE are included, as well as licensed coaches, “authorised volunteers” and officials (the cover does not apply to associate members).

Q. What is an “authorised volunteer” ?

An individual who has recognised as a volunteer by Table Tennis England and registered on TT365.

Q. What is the definition of an “Accident” ?

“Accident” means a sudden, unexpected, unusual and specific event, which occurs at a definable time and place which results in a bodily injury. This does not include sickness or illnesses.

Q. What is the difference between “Personal Accident” and “Liability” cover ?

Briefly, Personal Accident insures members for their own injuries, whereas liability insures members for claims made against them for injuries that they may have caused to others. With liability, it is up to the injured person to prove that the liability exists, whereas personal accident cover does not require this.

Q. When does the cover operate ?

The policy only covers the activity of table tennis, including playing, training, coaching and officiating at events, including travelling to and from the venue.

Q. What are “Capital Benefits”

These are single lump sum amounts paid by the policy for one-off, serious accidents, such as death or permanent disability.

Q. What are “Weekly Benefits”

These are weekly amounts paid for compensation of loss of income as a result of a member being unable to perform their usual occupation as a result of an accident.

Q. What is the excess period for temporary benefits ?

The excess period is 14 days , which is the initial period before any temporary benefit is paid.

Q. What is the maximum time allowed for temporary benefits (loss of income) ?

The maximum indemnity provided is 52 weeks

Q. Are there any limitations for the Physiotherpay / Chiropractic (and Dental) benefits ?

Briefly, this cover operates as a result of an accident and only covers amounts which are not covered by the public health system such as the NHS.

Q. What are the main exclusions ?

The policy does not cover Suicide, taking part in other sports or activities, war, terrorism, failure to take medical advice, AIDS, radioactive contamination, sexually transmitted disease or childbirth. Furthermore, the policy does not cover sickness or disease or mental disorder of any kind.

Q. Are pre-existing injuries or infirmities covered by the policy ?

No, the policy does not cover any pre-existing injuries or gradual bodily deterioration.

Q. What are the procedures to make a claim ?

Claimants or their representatives must contact Towergate Insurance on 01926 439439 (email: within 30 days (or as soon as practicably possible thereafter)


A full copy of the policy terms and conditions is available upon request from







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