The League's first Secretary in 1926 was Les Forrest who was succeeded by Mr. J.A.Schofield who held the post in 1931 for one season. He was followed by Mr. J.M. Stanley before Les Forrest returned for the next three years.

In 1936 Mr. H.T. Griffiths took the reins for one year before Bill Stamp was installed in 1937 a position he held until 1956. Next up was John McKim who held the post for 38 years, a run unlikely ever to be equalled. Bill was also League Treasurer a post he held from 1936 until 1956.

The Stamp Award of Merit, is presented to any member or person for services to the League.  It was introduced in 1958,  All recipients except Jack Lambert, were MC members at the time of the award - Jack, though, as Digest Editor, wanted to be free to say what he felt. 

The award has been given to the following recipients:

1958 - J.H.C. Hughes Esq.

1960 - J.C. McKimm Esq.

1964 - E. Cameron Esq.

1969 - A.E. Upton Esq.

1982 - J.A. Lambert Esq.

1989 - S.D. Cameron Esq

1993 - B.A. Leeson Esq.

1997 - K.A. Armson Esq. MBE

1997 - D.W. Davies Esq.

2009 - M.E. Power Esq.

2011 - T. Owens Esq.

2011 - R. Wright Esq.

2015 - A. Garnett Esq.




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