Liverpool & DistrictTable Tennis League
        2017 / 2018
                                        ALL MATCHES TO BE PLAYED W/C 9TH OCTOBER 2017
Match No.


 Division 1. Readman Cup

1Merseyside Police 'A'vGreenbank
2Harold HousevGreenbank 'A'
3Merseyside PolicevCrosby High 
4East WavertreevCrosby High 'A'
5Bath Street MarinevBYE
6Wavertree LabourvBYE
8Jaguar LandrovervBYE
Match No.


Division 2. Rumjahn Cup

1Bootle YMCA 'A'vMerseyside Police 'B'
2Bootle YMCAvWavertree Labour 'B'
3CADWAv'Bath Street Marine 'A'
4ArrivavEast Wavertree 'A'
5Wavertree Labour 'A'vBYE
6Maghull 'A'vBYE
7East Wavertree BvBYE
8Bath Street Marine 'B'vBYE
Match No.


Division 3. Hyde Cup

1Arriva 'A'vWavertree Labour 'C'
2Bootle YMCA 'B'vMaghull 'B'
3Bath Street Marine 'D'vCADWA 'A'
4Merseyside Police 'C'vCADWA 'B'
5Bath Street Marine 'C'vBYE
7St. AnnesvBYE
8Sefton ParkvBYE
Match No.


Division 4. Forrest Cup

1Sefton Park 'B'vWavertree Labour 'D'
2WaterloovEast Wavertree 'C'
3Bath Street Marine 'E'vQVC
4Bootle YMCA 'CvWavertree Labour 'E'
5Sefton Park 'A'vBYE
6Sefton Park 'C'vBYE
7Waterloo 'A'vBYE
8Maghull 'C'vBYE
Match No.


Division 5.  Stamp Cup


1Arriva 'B'vBath Street Marine 'F'
2Sefton Park 'D'vWavertree Labour 'F'
3Cadwa CvWaterloo 'B'
4Greenbank 'B'vBath Street Marine 'G'
5Maghull DvBYE
6Maghull 'E'vBYE
7Wavertree Labour 'G'vBYE
8Harold House 'A'vBYE
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