You are probably fed up recently receiving lots of emails from companies saying that the legislation regarding the processing of private data is being changed and we have all been asked to to give permission to companies to keep our data and use it within the new legislation or get rid of it.
The new legislation "GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATIONS" (GDPR) comes into effect on 25th May 2018 and will not just impact on the big companies.  It will impact on any one who keeps private information about a person.  This includes Table Tennis England, Table Tennis Leagues and Table Tennis Clubs.
Under GDPR, TTE and each league and club is going to have to obtain permission from each of its members to retain data about the members, eg, address, DofB, T/P number, email address and give reasons why the data will be retained.  Permission will also have to be obtained to take and keep photos or videos that we may display on the TT365 website or in the LDTTL Magazine.
Each League and Club is also going to have to complete a Privacy Policy which will be displayed on the website and each member can read.
All the above may seem extreme but it is EU Legislation which will impact on us.  The Information Commissioner can check up on us to make sure we are complying with the Law and a person could complain about a League or Club if the private information we hold is used without authority.
I am currently drafting a Privacy Policy for the LDTTL and each club secretary could use this document as a basis for the club's own privacy policy.
There will be an agenda item at the 2018 AGM to discuss GDPR.
Guidance documents for Leagues and Clubs have been prepared by Table Tennis England and can be  found at:
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