Roy is one of our vice Presidents
and has lived in Leeds for many years.

He sent us this memory:

My team, Ralph Smith, Billy
Hutchinson and myself were Wilson cup winners in 1960 and Div 3
winners in 1956/7.

I remember so many happy years in
Lincoln and many local Derbies between Lincoln and Grimsby in the
Haigh Cup featuring amongst others Derek Merryweather, Len Skinns,
Basil Bennett,  Norman Rimmer and of course the long serving officers
of the league such as Sid Haigh, Edgar Sendall and Freda

One particular memory was when
sponge bats were in fashion.

We were playing a match against
Liberal Club which effectively won our 3rd division
success in 1957. I was put on first and I returned the ball above the
lights and it came down on my opponents side without touching the
lights.  He grabbed the ball and his brother , who was the umpire
awarded him the point. I queried this and he reluctantly reversed the
decision. In returning the next service my ball hit the edge and went
off at an angle. My opponent said he couldn't play against such luck,
stopped playing, put on his shoes and went home!

So we won three games without having
played them. Ralph and Billy went on to win their matches.

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