The Lincoln  &District Table Tennis League commenced its career with a small meeting of enthusiasts in August 1933.

Founding clubs were:

Bracebridge Mental Hospital at the Hospital;

County Police at Church Lane;

Conservative Club at Silver Street;

Cathedral Old Boys  at All Saints Parish Hall ,Cromwell Street;

The Croft at Riseholme Road;

Echo at Echo Offices;

Hovis at Brayford;

Heighington at School Room ,Heighington;

Ingham Red Triangle, at Red Triangle hut,Ingham,

Kirke White’s at Swanpoole Court;

Maveringham house at St Peter’s Passage entrance;

Nomads at Coop Hall ,Swanpool;

Post Office, at Napoleon Place, Oxford street;

Ruston Bucyrus at Beever Street;

Ruston Social Club at Anchor Lane Ironworks;

Robey’s at Canwick road;

St Martin’s at Beaumont Fee;

St Peter’s at Gaunt Street;

St Paul’s at C.L.B. hall Westgate;

Waddington,Horse & Jockey Inn;

YMCA ,Guildhall Street

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