Edgar was our President for many
years, but before the war was no mean player.

An Echo report from the time said
YMCA A entertained ST PETERS A in the needle match of the season this
week.. The match was played before a large audience of supporters of
both sides ,who were not slow in showing appreciation of fine and
thrilling play.

Edgar and Len Skinns met in the
first game and both played very cautiously, their game being chiefly
defence, of which “The Saints captain proved a master.”

Edgar was respected for knowing
every aspect of running his committee, his experiences over the years
were still maintained when he retired. He was happy to help those who
took his place (along with a glass of wine).

One of his sayings was “nothing
is new” when a new Chairman confronted him with a problem. He kept
meticulous records.

His pet hate was the mention of the
word “Premiership” saying that they would spell trouble.  Perhaps
he foretold the squabbles that “Premiership” could cause.

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