Unicorn remain top of Division 1, a point clear of closest
challengers Ajax Wolvey. Unicorn won 8-2 at Abbots Road II, there was a maximum
for Trevor Kerry and two wins each for Oliver Hampson and Geoff Parsons. For
Abbot, Amrish Rana won two.

Ajax beat Knighton Park I 6-4, Mick Allsop and Jon Williams
with two wins each and one for Aaron Riley. Aaron lost to Karen Smith 8-11 in
the fifth. For Park Karen scored a maximum and Tobit Dehnen won one. Reza Kiani
lost all three in five games including a 9-11 loss to Mick. Ajax then won 10-0
at Abbots II, maximums for Aiden Walsh, Mick and Jon. For Abbots Amrish Rana
lost 9-11 in the fifth to Mick.

Electricity won 9-1 at Northwood, Dave Grundy and Andy
Lebutt unbeaten, plus one for Steve White who lost 9-11 in the fifth to Matt
Briggs. Matt lost 8-11 in the fifth to Andy! Electric then beat Abbots Rd I
10-0, maximums for Mat Hobday, Andy and Dave. The same trio all hit maximums in
the 10-0 win at Arnesby.

Knighton Park I beat their second team 8-2, maximums for Adam
Cross and Tobit Dehnen plus a brace for Karen Smith. For Park II, Les Baker
scored a good win over Karen. Park then won 7-3 at Holwell, maximums for Reza
Kiani and Karen. Tobit lost 9-11 in the fifth to Tony Fox. The Holwell trio of
Martin Brunning, Dave Roche and Tony all won one. Martin losing 8-11 in the
fifth to Reza.

Thringstone drew at Holwell, a maximum for Maurice Newman
and two wins for Alastair Hawthorn. Alastair losing a very close match to
Martin Brunning 11-9 14-12 8-11 8-11 8-11. For Holwell, Martin won two and
there was one each for Dave Roche and Tony Fox. Martin lost 8-11 in the fifth
to Maurice. There was another maximum for Maurice in the 6-4 win at Abbots Rd
I, Barry Taylor won two and Alastair won one. For Abbots Ali Ahmed won two and
Jay Kotecha one.

Holwell had a 6-4 win at Desford Village, man of the match
was Dave Roche with a maximum backed by two wins for Martin Brunning. Tony Fox
was unlucky losing 9-11 in the fifth to both Tony Smith and Sohail Caratella.
For Desford Tony won two with one each for Arun Jogi and Sohail.

Desford lost 3-7 at Knighton Park II, The trio of Sohail,
Tony and Arun all won one. For Park Les Baker with a maximum, two for Michael
Godziebiewski and one for Eddie Lyons. They then went down 4-6 at Northwood,
Tony won two and there was one each for Jessica Birbeck and Arun. For Northwood
Kieron Kennedy hit a maximum and Richard Hayes won two. Northwood taking the
doubles 11-8 in the fifth.

At the bottom Knighton Park II leapfrogged Abbots Road II by
beating them 8-2. Les Baker and Michael Godziebiewski both scoring maximums
with Eddie Lyons winning one. For Abbots, Geoff Hancock and Vishal Parmar won
one each.

It’s tight at the bottom with five points separating the
bottom four teams.

Individually Maurice Newman still leads the way from Trevor
Kerry in second spot.

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