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1.     NAME
1.1  The League shall be called the Leeds Table Tennis League and shall be
affiliated to Table Tennis England.
1.2  The Rules of  Table Tennis England shall apply in all respects
for which provision is not made in these rules.

2    . OBJECTS
2.1  The objects of the League shall be to promote the playing of table tennis 
in Leeds. The income and property of the League shall be devoted to this

3.1  The affairs of the League shall be managed by an Executive Committee
consisting of :-
a The following officers.- President, Vice-President, Chairman,
General Secretary, Treasurer, Match Secretary/s, Competition
Secretary, Inter-League Secretary, Minute Secretary, Assistant
Secretary and Coaching Secretary.
b. Six members elected by the League
c. One representative elected by each division.
d. One representative nominated by the Leeds Schools Table Tennis
3.2  The officers (other than the President and Vice-Presidents) and also the
members elected by the League shall retire annually but shall be eligible for
re-election and may be elected at the Annual General Meeting.
3.3   The members elected by each division shall be called Divisional
Representatives and shall retire annually but shall be eligible for re-election
and may be re-elected at the first Club Representatives meeting each
3.4   The Executive Committee shall at its discretion, have power to elect from its
members a Vice-Chairman, Assistant Treasurer and to fill any other Office
where in its opinion, this is necessary and to co-opt members of the League
and to appoint sub-committees.
3.5  All monies accruing to the League from what ever source shall be placed to
the League's Banking Account and all cheques and other orders for drawing
therefrom shall be signed by any two of the Chairman, the Treasurer and some
other person nominated by the Executive Committee who shall be responsible
to the Executive Committee for any other property of the League
3.6  The financial year shall end on the 3Oth April.

4.1   Annual General Meeting.
This shall be held alter the season not later than the end of July in each year,
when the audited accounts shall be presented. The notice of the meeting shall
be accompanied by the Agenda and Annual Report. This notice shall be
given not less than 10 days before the meeting and in any event not later than
22nd June in each year. All matters for the Agenda and nominations
Officers and members of the Executive Committee to be elected by the
League (with nominee's consent) shall be submitted by club secretaries or 
the Executive Committee and be in the hands of the GeneralSecretary by 15th April. 
Each Club shall have as many votes as it has teams in the League provided a 
representative of the Club is present.


4.2      Club Representatives' Meeting
4.2.1   A Club Representatives Meeting shall be held during September At
least ten days notice shall be given. At this meeting the composition of the
League for the coming season shall be presented and the Divisional
Representatives shall be elected to the Executive Committee as provided
in Rule 3.
4.2.2  . Each Club shall have as many votes as it has teams in the League
provided a representative of the Club is present.
4.2.3.  In the election of Divisional Representatives to the Executive Committee
each Club shall have as many votes as it has teams in the particular
division for which a Representative is to be elected provided a
representative of the Club is present.
4.2.4   Club Representatives' Meetings may be called at any time as decided by the
Executive Committee or within fourteen days of receipt by the General
Secretary of a request signed by the representatives of at least one quarter
of the CIubs in membership.

4.3      Executive Committee Meetings.
4.3.1  These shall be held monthly during the months of September to March,
inclusive, and at such other times as may be necessary.
4.3.2   In the event of a member of the Executive Committee retiring before his
term of office expires or failing to attend two consecutive meetings without
giving a satisfactory explanation, his place shall be filled at the discretion of
the Executive Committee.
4.3.3   A quorum shall be Five Members.

4.4     General
4.4.1  At any general meeting of the League a quorum shall consist of the
representatives of at least 50% of the Clubs in Membership.
4.4.2  Ordinary Resolutions shall be by a simple majority of the votes cast.
4.4.3.  Special Resolutions shall require the support of two-thirds of the votes
4.4.4   Special Resolutions shall be required.-
1. To alter these rules (including the addition of a new rule or rules or
the deletion of existing rule or rules).
2. To rescind any action of the Executive Committee.
3. To terminate the League.
4.4.5. Clubs not represented at any meetings of which notice is given in
writing, to them by the General Secretary or any other accredited officer of
the League, shall be fined £5.00 in each instance, no excuse for absence
being considered. A Club shall be deemed absent if
(i) no accredited representative of that club is present 30 minutes
alter the prescribed time for the meeting or,
(ii) the accredited representative of the Club leaves the meeting
before its termination without the permission of the Chairman of the meeting.

5.1 Application for admission to the forthcoming League programme must be
made In writing to the General Secretary. by not later than the date shown on
 the admission form in each year and shall be accepted or refused within a week
 of the next E. C. Meeting
5.2   The known playing strength of the Club shall be shown. with details of the
previous years experience of any new players.
5.3    In the event of a vacancy arising in any division. the vacancy may be filled at
the discretion of the E. C.
5.4    Clubs not taking part in the League programme may become affiliated to the
league on payment of the appropriate fees

6.1    If a club withdraws a team from the League before the completion of its
fixtures it shall be fined £5.00 and each registered player shall be debarred
from playing with any other Club until he has paid one third of the amount.
or the fine is paid in full
6.2    A player having played with the withdrawn team shall not be allowed to play
with any other team of the same Club without the sanction of the
Executive Committee.

7.      FEES
7.1   The fees of the league are based on £15.50 per team. The fees shall be paid
to the Treasurer by each club on or before 31 st October. Any fees
outstanding at this date shall be increased by 10% in total for each week they
remain unpaid up until January 1st. If not paid, the Club concerned will be
withdrawn from the league and any Guarantee Fees held will be
forfeited. This subscription shall include the entrance fee to the Team
Tournaments Each Club shall pay in addition to. and at the same time, the
subscription and appropriate affiliation lees to T.T.E. and Y. T. T A
7.2    Each Club shall pay a guarantee fee of £5.00 for each team in addition to,
and at the same time as the Subscription, the guarantee fee to be
returned on request by the Club at the end of the season, provided all
demands of the League have been met and fixture arrangements
completed to the satisfaction of the Executive Committee. Guarantee Fees
not claimed at the end of the season wIll be retained by the Treasurer to the
credit of the Club. Clubs not participating in the League programme must
claim the balance of their guarantee lees within two years of the date of the
last League match in which they participated.
Unclaimed guarantee fees wIll be added to the League Funds.
7.3    In the event of the League being in debt at the end of anyone financial
year each Club shall contribute equally to meet the deficiency.
7.4   Clubs not taking part in the League programme may, at any time become
affiliated to the Leeds League, T.T.E. and Y. T. T. A. on payment
of the Annual Subscription of £5.00 the Clubs appropriate affiliation fee
or fees to T.T.E. and Y. T. T. A. due on 30th September to the Treasurer
This entitles them to play friendly matches with any Club in the League and
with other Clubs affiliated to T.T.E. and compete In the Team and
Individual Championships on payment of the respective entrance fees. The
£5.00 will be reduced to £3.00 in the case of Clubs applying for affiliation
after 31 st January in the season.

8.1   The Secretary of each club shall register with the Match Secretary the name
and addresses of all playing members who shall personally sign the
Registration Form
8.2    A player who registers with any other League must play a minimum of eight
matches in the Leeds League Failure to do so will result in all games
played being forfeited. If a division has a reduced number of teams the 8 match 
qualification is reduced pro rata.
8.3    A player so affected has the right to appeal. providing such appeal is made
within seven days of the last fixture. stating reasons. in writing. to the Match
Secretary The decision of the E C as to whether to allow the appeal is final
8.4   In the event of an unfulfilled fixture in which a player registered with another
League is a member of the team present. then he shall be considered to have
played a match which will be counted towards his required eight match
minimum if necessary provided the said player was registered before the
original date set for the match. 

Any player playing in Leeds League must undertake not to take part in another match on 
the same night in another League. 
Any player doing so will forfeit their Leeds League sets for that match.

8.5    Before any player registered with another league plays in a Team
Tournament match. he shall have played up to a minimum of two league
matches for each round of the competition in the current season
irrespective of any postponed matches
8.6    A Registration Fee of £7-00 per player (except in the case of Youths under 17
on the preceding 3Oth June for whom the fee shall be £3-00) shall
accompany all registrations. The £7-00 shall be reduced to £4-00 and the
£3-00 to £1.50 in the case of players registering after 31st January.
8.7   No player is eligible to compete in any competition organised by the League
before their registration is forwarded to the Match Secretary.
8.8    All players registering with other Leagues will be permitted to enter the
Leeds Closed Championships providing they are regular bona.fide
playing members of the League and have completed 8 League matches in the
Leeds League in one division before the closing date for entries
8.9    Any team playing an unregistered player shall be fined a sum equal to the
registration fee applicable at the time of playing
8.10 No registration will be accepted after the 31st December for any player
registered with another League. In exceptional circumstances the Committee
shall have the right to waive this rule and their decision shall be final
8.11 Any player reported to the Executive Committee by his/her Club for
disciplinary reasons may be suspended and banned from playing with any
other affiliated Club

9.1    No player shall play for more than one club in the League during the season
unless he is officially transferred from one Club to another
9.2    All applications for transfer, accompanied by a fee of £1.00 must be made
in writing to the Match Secretary by the player who shall forward
written consent to both Clubs
9.3   Transfers shall only re granted by the Executive Committee.

10.1 The teams comprising the divisions for the forthcoming season shall be
Determined by the Executive Committee and shall be presented to the
Meeting of Club Representatives, held annually in September, for their
10.2 In determining the composition of the various divisions, the Executive
Committee shall normally promote the three teams, which were at the top of
a division at the end of the preceding season to the next higher division
except when a pyramid structure of divisions is in force for part of the League
when two teams may be promoted and four relegated in a minimum of
10.3 The Executive Committee shall, however, be empowered to promote any
team or to relegate, if required, any team to any division if it deems such a
course to be advisable in the best interest of the League Any request for such
a move should be made in writing to the General Secretary with a full
statement of the reasons for the request by not later than 1st August in any
10.4 Players whose absence is given as the reason for such a request are
debarred from playing for that team in the current season without prior
consent of the Executive Committee.
10.5 The League may be divided into two or more divisions in linear sequence
unless the number of divisions is too great to satisfactorily reflect the
difference in standard desirable between all divisions levels, in which case a
pyramid structure with tiers of two or three divisions on the same level,
should be instituted for as many of the lower divisions as the Executive
Committee considers to be necessary,
10.6 All Clubs shall play home and away matches with all the Clubs in their
division. In addition, where there is demand, the League shall provide
Women's, Youth's and Veteran's Divisions, Qualifications and rules for these
events shall be laid down by the Executive Committee.
10.7 In the case of a tie or ties at the end of the season, sets average shall be
the decider. Where top or bottom teams tie on points and their average
agrees, matches between the teams concerned shall be played off.
10.8 New teams shall be admitted to the lowest division of the League unless the
Executive Committee decide otherwise.

11 1 Each Club will chose a home night for each team and this night should be
stated on the Application for Admission form. In the event of a Club not
being able to select a night by the date of the Club Representatives
Meeting or if that Club changes the night of one of its teams, the Secretary
of that Club shall advise the Secretaries of all opposing Clubs of this change,
In the case of the Team Tournament, the home team shall contact their
opponents in writing to confirm the playing night if different from the
handbook, giving at least fourteen days notice.
11.2 Any changes from the original handbook must be notified to opposing teams
in writing, a copy of which shall be sent to the Match Secretary at least
10 days prior to the match week. irrespective of any notification by
11.3 Provided that seven days notice is given to the Match Secretary by the
Club desiring the change, matches may be re-arranged for an alternative
night in their original week by mutual consent of both teams concerned,
and such re-arrangement shall not require the consent of the Match
Secretary The Executive Committee shall have power to suspend this
privilege if it is abused
11.4 Only in the most extenuating circumstances may matches be re-arranged for a
week other than originally fixed, when the permission of the Match Secretary
must be obtained His decision as to the necessity of the re-arrangement
shall be final. Any permitted postponement must be played within 28 days
notwithstanding the rules of 11.7 which will apply. Any match played outside
28 days shall be void. Any request to rearrange a match must be accompanied
by an agreed replay date and confirmed by text, e-mail or letter within 5 days
of the request.
11.5 Teams not obtaining the Match Secretary's permission for a postponement
outside the original week shall be fined up to £5.00.
11.6 Teams failing to fulfil fixtures shall be fined up to £5.00 at the discretion of the
Executive Committee. A team shall be penalised by the surrender of two
League points from its aggregate number on the second and subsequent
11.7 All fixtures must be completed within seven days of the last fixture shown in
the Fixture Chart, unless the Committee decide that there are exceptional
circumstances, and whose decision shall be final

12.1 Teams shall consist of three players, each of whom shall play a set against
each other member of the opposing team. In each case a set shall consist of
the best of five games Subject to any re-arrangement mutually agreed
upon, the order shall be (A, B and C being the home team), A v X, B v Y,
C v Z, B v X, Doubles, A v Z, C v Y, B v Z, C v X, and A v Y The doubles
pairing can be any two of the three players in a team and double matches
are not played in Team Tournament ties or playoffs where teams have tied
on sets won.
If a player under 16 is involved such players will be entitled to play outside 
the normal order to facilitate an early finish.
12.2 No subsequent substitution for an absent player may be made without the
consent of both Captains.
12.3 Five games shall constitute a set and the result of the match is determined
by the number of sets won by each team
12.4 When a player has played four times with the No.1 team of a Club, he may
not play for the No 2 or any subsequent team. Similarly, any player having
 played four times in the No.1 and/or No 2 team may not play for the No.3
 team and so on, but in exceptional circumstances permission to do so
may be granted by the Executive Committee if that player has not played in
any team for a period of four weeks. For non-compliance with this rule a
fine of £1.00 for each offence will be levied and the ineligible player's
games will be awarded to the opposing team.
If a player who plays for a higher team does not win a game, then this match
does not count towards the players limit of 4 games for a higher team.
12.5 A re-arranged match is always counted as having been played on the
original week number

13.1 The Captains of opposing teams shall be required to act as joint referees.
Any matter which cannot be agreed to be decided by the Executive
Committee.The Home team shall be responsible for arranging umpires.

14 1  Before the commencement of a match the home team captain shall enter
 his team on the scorecard, including the doubles pairing and the visiting
 captain shall enter the same information in respect of the visiting team. Each
 player's full name must be entered on the card and each player must
 personally sign the scorecard,
14,2  The home team is responsible for the completion of the card at the end of the
14,3  No Club, team or player must under any circumstances, enter on a score
 card the name and scores of a player who did not take part in the match. In the
 event of any infringement, the Executive Committee shall have the power to
 fine, suspend or expel any Club, team or player from the League.
14.4  Clubs failing to comply with any part of the above rules (except 14.3) shall
 be fined £5-00 for each offence.
14.5  A member of the Home team shall send the completed Result Card to the
 Match Secretary to reach him within 5 days of the completion of the
 match, Clubs failing to comply with this will be fined £5-00 for each offence.
14.6  Match Results, League Tables and Player Averages will be automatically
         updated on the Leeds Table Tennis 365 website.

15.1  All matches should start not later than 7-00 pm and any team not having at
 least one player present at that time may be fined £5-00. All matches must
 start by 7-30 pm and any team not able to start at that time shall forfeit the
15.2  Any player not ready to play at 8-00 p.m. may only be allowed to take part
 in the match at the discretion of the opposing captain Teams shall be fined
 £3.00 per player short for every offence.

16.1  Protests shall be forwarded to the Match Secretary to reach him within
  72 hours of the conclusion of the match with regard to which protest is made.
16.2  All protests shall be accompanied by a fee of £2.00, which may be forfeited
  If the Executive Committee do not uphold the protest, and all protests
  shall be submitted by definite evidence at the Meeting when the protest
  is considered. The Match Secretary shall immediately. on receipt of the
  protest, advise the Secretary of the team protested against of the protest and
  nature of same.
16.3   Any player protested against or the Secretaries of any Club concerned in a
  protest shall have the right, and may be required, to be present at the
  Executive Committee Meeting, which considers the protest.

17     FINES
17.1  All fines shall be paid within seven days of demand from the Match Secretary
  or Treasurer, or in default shall be doubled and if not paid within seven days
  of the second demand the matter shall be dealt with by the Executive

18.1      League Championships.
18.1.1  A player may play for more than one team in the same week provided
  that Rule 12.4 is also complied with. Each Club with more than one team
  must provide a ranking list of players, to be approved by the Executive
  Committee, which commits each player initially to a team so that he cannot
  play for a lower team. Approval must also be obtained for the ranking
  position of later registered players. Any Club which gives notice to the
  Committee, that the players of 1 or more of its teams will not play for any
  other team, is exempted from providing a ranking list which includes those
  players No player will be allowed to drop down more than two Divisions
  from that played in during a previous season if changing clubs without
  prior sanction of the Committee.
18.1.2   In each match two points shall be awarded for a win and one point for a
18.1.3. Should any team withdraw from any division, their results shall be removed
  from the League tables
18.1.4. On the completion of the programme of matches, the team at the head of
   the first division shall be deemed League Champions and shall hold the
  The Thornton Shield for one year and the teams at the head of each
  division shall be deemed the Divisional Champions and shall hold the
  appropriate Divisional Trophies for one year
18.1.5  In the event of a tie for top place, promotion place or relegation place a play
   off shall be arranged as set out in Rules 10.7 and 12.1

18.2     Team Championships
18.21  The team tournaments held by the League each year shall be contested by
   teams from the divisions as decided by the Executive Committee,
   depending on the structure/number of divisions operating in thar particular
18.2.2   All competitions shall be decided on the 'knock out' principle in matches
   where the doubles are omitted from the normal order of play as set out in
   Rule 12.1. The first team drawn in each tie to have the choice of venue
   except in the finals which shall be played at a venue decided by the
   Executive Committee, who will also decide how the draw is to be made
18.2.3   Any team wishing to play in a competition applicable to a division higher
    than they are placed may do so provided they advise the relevant Match
    Secretary of the change by the 17th September.
18.2.4   Any team wishing to withdraw from any of the competitions may do so
    provided they notify the relevant Match Secretary by the 17th September.
18.2.5    Once a player has played in a Team Tournament match, he/she cannot play
     for a lower team in the same competition
18.2.6     The Women's Team Championships (Mitchell Shield) will be played off as
     decided by the Executive Committee.
18.2.7    The draw for the first round of the Competitions will be sent out with the
     first bulletin. The draw for all rounds of the Team Championships must be
     available to Clubs 10 days before the appointed date for any fixture.

18.3       Leeds Closed Championships
18.3.1    All the events and finals shall be played at times and at venues as decided
    by the Executive Committee
18.3.2    Admission may be charged for entry.
18.3.3 The men's singles champion shall hold the Montague Burton cup for one year
18.3.4 All entries shall be subject to the Approval of the Executive Committee.                                                    

18.41 All Clubs or players receiving trophies etc. do so on the following conditions..
a The trophies cannot be won outright.
b The winning club/player must sign a guarantee when they he/she
receives the trophy.
c. In the event of a Club becoming defunct whilst holding a trophy. it
shall immediately be returned to the General Secretary.
d. All trophies shall be returned to the General Secretary before the
1st March each season, failing which a fine of £5.00 may be
imposed on the Club concerned. Furthermore any trophies not 
returned for the presentation night, the Club will be fined £20.00.

19.1    Where Clubs do not enclose stamped addressed envelopes, they shall be
required to pay the Treasurer the cost of all postages incurred by the League
through their failure to do so
19.2    Except in special circumstances, correspondence with Clubs will be
conducted only through their Secretaries

20 1   All players wishing to appear in Exhibition Matches must apply to the
General Secretary to be placed on a panel of Exhibition Players. No player
must take part in any such match until the sanction of the League is
20.2   Applications to hold Exhibitions and to play Friendly Matches with
unaffiliated Clubs must be made to the General Secretary at least 14 days
prior to the Exhibition or Match. Players taking part in unsanctioned
Exhibitions or Matches or playing for teams in unaffiliated Leagues render
Themselves liable to suspension

21    . BADGES
21.1  The appropriate City Badge shall be awarded to a player who plays for
Leeds in a representative men's or women's match on at least five occasions
or in a youth's team on at least three occasions.
21.2  Committee members with 25 attendances shall be awarded a Blazer Badge.

22.1  The Executive Committee shall be empowered to make suitable
arrangements for the organising and running of a Club Room for the playing
of Table Tennis.

23.1   Playing Space. The Playing areas must not be less than 27ft. x 12ft. and the
table must be placed lengthways in the middle thereof so that there is a
clear unobstructed space of no less than 3ft. 6ins at each side of the table
and 9ft. at each end

23.2   Table. The table shall be in surface rectangular, 9ft in length x 5ft in width
  and the upper surface shall be 2ft 6ins above the floor It shall be made of
  any material and yield a uniform bounce of not less than 8ins. and not more
  than 9ins when a standard bell is dropped from a height of 12ins above its
  surface Its upper surface shall be non-reflecting, of a dark colour with white
  lines three quarter inch broad along each edge
23.3    Net and supports. The net with its suspension shall be 6ft in length, its
  upper part along its whole length shall be close to the playing surface. The
  net shall be suspended by a cord (not wire or spring) and attached at each end
  to an upright post 6ins. high. The outside limits of each post shall be 6ins.
  outside the sideline on the same side.
23.4   Ball. The balls used are published each year and usually consist of two and
 three star makes of leading manufacturers
23.5 The Racket" The Rubber shall be Red on one side and Black on the other and 
          have the ITTF logo”.
23.6   Other Conditions. All other matters including the floor lighting etc., shall be
 left to the discretion of the Executive Committee. General conditions
 such as noise, Interference from other activities or from persons or
 spectators shall be considered by the Executive Committee when
 interpreting the suitability of the playing conditions
23.7   Disputes. All points of dispute with regard to these conditions shall be
 settled by the Executive Committee

         In the event of the winding up or dissolution of the League any surplus assets
         accrued by membership fees or player registration fees remaining after discharge of 
         all debts and liabilities shall be transferred to the Yorkshire Table Tennis Association.
         Any money held by the League, which has been accrued by donation or legacy for a
         specific purpose shall be placed in trust so the intended use can continue.

25.1 The Executive Committee shall have full power to deal with any matters
 concerning the League not provided for in these Rules and to inflict upon any
 club or individual any penalty they deem necessary, unless the penalty to be
 incurred is expressly stated in the Rules.




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