Match Report

 The very competitive second division got under way with Templars taking on Slayers and Knights V Raiders.

Knights got off to a great start with Excalibur Sunderland beating Cappo Crielly. They led 3-2 after five matches but then the rampant Raiders took control. Highwayman William Smith leading the way, has he won all three to take the MoM award. All four players contributed in this 9-5 victory.

On the other table Slayers went two up early in the contest but it was the swash bucking Templars who started to take over winning the next five matches. Then Young Melling beat Meredith, Devious Dave dodge the Russian Rocket and Judge Judic and the improving Warhurst took the doubles to tie up this close game.

The Bewley Basher beat Ryan to put Templars back in front and when Richard went one up it looked over but Devious Dave stuck in there and took it and the MoM award. Jonathan then beat Gill in a great game to put Slayers in front with one to go......Step up the Rocket to fire Templars to a well deserved draw. 7 all great game.

Thanks to Ryan, Frank and Richard for stepping in, all played excellent.

Written by:Christopher Garfin
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