Letter of Complaint

Dear Mr Garfin


Could you forward this letter to the LSG Complaints Department please.


As a guest in the summer league I had the clear expectation that the LSG club would extend to me the courtesy that a guest naturally receives... so why did I end up with a 33% win average?


This week I was beaten by Jacob the Smiling Assassin ... but that wasn't even close to being the most embarrassing defeat  ... Pistol Pete gave me a right good hiding the other week (and why does he bother putting a rubber on his forehand, it's a waste of money).  And even you, yes you Mr Garfin ... you gave me a good battering.  You suckered me in with a tale of your poor old tennis elbow ... and then rattled the ball past me at 100 mph.  


The normally polite Colby beat me with relative ease ... and Lord Malcolm of Rumsey turned me over too ... it's just rude to treat a guest in this way.  So what happened, didn't they get the memo on how treat a guest?


Finally, may I extend my thanks to Sir Peter Ainsworth of Sideburnshire who let me beat him in straight sets ... a true gentleman.


Yours Sincerely,

Martin (the 33% guy)


PS: See you all next season.


Author: via Leigh St George Table Tennis Club
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