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At Kingfisher, coaching and training is delivered by a number of coaches who have been granted approval to coach at the club. For the latest list of coaches,  please contact Raj Patel (Coaching Officer).

These professional coaches offer one to one individual coaching to both juniors and seniors members only (Guests cannot receive 1-2-1 coaching). Paid coaches require a Kingfisher Permit from the club to use the facility for profit. This one to one coaching at Kingfisher is by arrangement at a mutually convenient time and will depend on the availability of a table. Please ensure when booking 1-2-1 sessions that they do not conflict with any table bookings by checking the table diary.  1-2-1 sessions are not allowed when there is an ALL Table Booking in the table diary.Coaches are unable to reserve tables for one to one coaching, without reference to the table manager and the coaching officer.

Club members who do not hold a valid Coach Licence, but who offer paid sparring/coaching are not covered by insurance. The licensed coach’s insurance does cover paid sparrers/coaching assistants working under their direction whilst they are present. The Club’s insurance will not provide cover in these situations.

Also, whilst we encourage young players to use Kingfisher to practice with each other, this should be in the presence of a parent or a responsible adult. Parents must accept responsibility that this is adhered to.

The club also offers adult and Junior Group Coaching sessions Monday to Friday.

All enquiries to the Coaching Officer Raj Patel at

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