The bragging rights were shared in a Corby derby in the Premier Division as Lyveden Fields drew 5-5 with Smash A.

Sam Wilson was the hat-trick hero for Smash, including a deuce fourth end finish against Haynes.

Haynes was involved in three of Lyveden Fields’ five points, beating youngster Alex Cochrane and Smash captain Gary Pells before joining Kyle Murie for the decisive doubles.

Murie and Lee O’Boyle also got the better of Cochrane with Pells beating O’Boyle and Murie for a pair.

Higham sit top of the pile with 19 points from a possible 20 after thumping Westfield C 10-0.

Andy Trott, Richard Elliott and Richard Bashford proved superior on the night with Westfield managing just five ends.

Three of those came against Bashford with Steve Hobbs, Matt Rushton and Bhavika Mistry all taking him to four but the left-hander carded a solid treble.

Westfield A sit just one point behind in second after winning against club rivals Westfield B 8-2.

Steve Silk and Roumen Stefanov were too strong, dropping two ends each in carding their maximums.

Westfield B’s two points came in ding-dong tussles with Brian Wooding.

Nicole Bird came from 2-0 down to win 11-8 at the last and then Bogdan Capusa held off a fightback to win 13-11 at the death.

But Wooding did get himself on the scoresheet with a 3-0 win over Matt Horrocks.

Kettering Town opened their season with a ruthless 10-0 win at Burton Baptist A.

Craig Brown won nine ends from a possible nine on debut and was ably supported by the ever-reliant John Fuller and Nigel Metcalfe, who also score maximums.

Baptist’s best chance came in the doubles as Denise Jacobi and Pete Hillery took Fuller and Metcalfe to four but lost 13-11.

Harborough A were victorious at Church Langton after beating Corby Rothbury 8-2.

Rothbury’s points came when Adam Bendyk and Nigel Hunt beat Kevin Shield, Bendyk from 2-1 down.

But neither had the beating of Barry Thompson or James Lancaster, who were unbeaten.

Results: Corby Lyveden Fields 5 (Haynes 2, Murie, O’Boyle, Haynes/O’Boyle) Corby Smash A 5 (Wilson 3, Pells 2), Higham 10 (Trott 3, Elliott 3, Bashford 3, Trott/Elliott) Westfield C 0, Westfield A 8 (Silk 3, Stefanov 3, Wooding, Wooding/Stefanov) Westfield B 2 (Bird, Capusa), Burton Baptist A 0 Kettering Town 10 (Fuller 3, Brown 3, Metcalfe 3, Fuller/Metcalfe), Harborough A 8 (Thompson 3, Lancaster, Shield, Thompson/Shield) Corby Rothbury 2 (Hunt, Bendyk)

Team of the week: Westfield A

Players of the week: Steve Silk and Roumen Stefanov

The late result from week one in Division One demonstrated a strong rear guard action from Corby Lakeview after the first twelve ends were won by Smash B.

In the end only Stephen Woolston won, in the ninth game against Andy Frearson, although Keith McLaren pushed Tyler Hillery all the way, as did Tom Lathom who, alongside Woolston, were ahead in the doubles before Hillery and Frearson secured the 9-1 win.

Ultimately Hillery and Andy Logan got maximums – Logan only dropping an end – and Frearson a brace.

There were a few one-sided sounding matches this week which the score cards suggests were anything but.

Lakeview again came out with only a single point courtesy of Stephen Woolston against Harborough B despite four games going the distance.

Woolston beat Mike Brocklebank in one of them but lost to Dan Busby in the other.

Neil Stone lost out in both the other long games, against the same two opponents.

So Liam Burnham and Dan Busby remain unbeaten and they took the doubles for good measure also.

At Smash headquarters their B team beat Harborough C 8-2 but five games went the distance, and the home team won all of them.

Andy Logan’s hat-trick included two of these and Tyler Hillery needed one in his maximum.

Phil Dixon and young Danny Verrall each beat Andy Frearson in four, but he in turn beat the luckless John McGowan, who won eight ends in the evening but didn’t win a single point for his efforts, and twice he was two ends up .

Danny Verrall’s busy week continued again in Corby, on Thursday against Corby Lincoln, this time more successfully as he gained a maximum, as did Vaughan Allington.

Verrall had also finished runner up in the Northants County Cadets championships the previous weekend. He and Allington also combined to get the doubles.

Tom Cardwell and Ken Murie gained Lincoln’s 2 points.

And Rothborough B must feel a sense of déjà vu after last season when again this season a heavy defeat – this time 10-0 – could have been so much better.

All players got ends as two games went to five, but neither Ivor Jones, Lee Mordecai or Gareth Lewis could get over the line against the Burton Baptist B trio of Steve Smith, Nash Hooda and Harry Lade.

Mordecai and Lewis even came from two down in the doubles just to be thwarted.

An exception to the week’s trend was when Smash C played Burton C.

Gabor Toth achieved his second maximum for Smash, this time in straight ends.

He was the dominant player in the 6-4 result to his team, where five of the games were over in three ends and only one went the distance, when Derek Muggleton fought off a valiant fightback from two down versus Brigitta Palinkas.

Kelvin Marshall got two for Burton and Mike Burrows two for Smash, but Muggleton and Marshall’s defeat of Toth and Palinkas in the doubles made it close in the end.

Thrapston versus Westfield D was also close, with no game over in three, but Thrapston’s players all got a brace to swing it their way in a 7-3 win.

Pete Briggs and Chris Warliker lost out to Duncan Brudenall who got a pair for Westfield, and Stewart Williams only lost out to Norman Wooster.

Results: Corby Lincoln 2 (Cardwell, Murie) Harborough D 8 (Allington 3, D Verrall 3, Coombs, Allington/D Verrall), Corby Lakeview 1 (Woolston) Corby Smash B 9 (T Hillery 3, Logan 3, Frearson 2, Frearson/Hillery), Corby Smash B 8 (T Hillery 3, Logan 3, Frearson, T Hillery/Frearson) Harborough C 2 (Dixon, D Verrall), Corby Smash C 6 (Toth 3, Burrows 2, Palinkas) Burton Baptist C 4 (Marshall 2, Muggleton, Marshall/Muggleton), Harborough B 9 (Burnham 3, Busby 3, Brocklebank 2, Burnham/Busby) Corby Lakeview 1 (Woolston), Rothborough B 0 Burton Baptist B 10 (Hooda 3, Lade 3, Smith 3, Hooda/Smith), Thrapston 7 (Briggs 2, Warliker 2, Williams 2, Warliker/Williams) Thrapston 3 (Brudenall 2, Wooster)

Player of the week: Danny Verrall

Team of the week: Harborough D

In Division Two, two sides who began with a win in the first week met at Kingswood Neighbourhood Centre and both remain unbeaten.

Alan Tyler bagged a hat-trick for Old Village at Corby Harrogate, but Old only forced a draw by taking the last three games.

The youngsters of Corby again performed well with Ted Eastman and Nathan Dixon posting doubles and Sam Pedly winning once.

Eastman nearly gained a second maximum, but Tyler recovered from a 2-1 deficit to beat him in five ends.

In a Rothborough derby, the D team overcame the C string 7-3.

This was not a major surprise as Rothborough D have a strong seven player squad this season. 

Peter Rowbotham and Brett Owen did the damage as they remained unbeaten in single and doubles.

Debutant Alex Woodford fought hard against the experienced trio of Sally Taylor, Tony Yeomans and David Steele, but could not add to the tally for the D team.

Rothborough C also struggled when they visited Corby Smash E.

A tight match looked in prospect at 3-2 to Smash before they reeled off the last four singles and the doubles for an 8-2 victory.

Andrew Parrott returned to action in style with an excellent treble.

For Rothborough, Sally Taylor had two good wins including a five end success against higher ranked Pete Wilson.

Cathy Fleming also went the distance against Parrott and Wilson, but could not get over the winning line.

Corby Smash D and Corby Chesham entered the fray a week late.

Smash were without captain Chris Winter, but his team members did not let him down as they ran out 9-1 winners.

Neil Marlow did not drop an end in his maximum, with a deuce game against Claire Dixon being the only scare.

Dominic Elrington used his variations of spin to good effect as he also remained unbeaten, whilst James Lock won twice, but could not get the better of Ann Woolston.

Mia Solomon partnered Woolston in the doubles and the Chesham pair were unlucky to lose 11-8 in the fifth end to Marlow and Elrington.

Results: Corby Harrogate 5 (Eastman 2, N Dixon 2, Pedly) Old Village 5 (A Tyler 3, Bradford, A Tyler/Bradford), Rothborough C 3 (Yeomans, Steele, Taylor) Rothborough D 7 (Rowbotham 3, Owen 3, Rowbotham/Owen), Corby Smash E 8 (Parrott 3, P Wilson 2, Reygan 2, Parrott/Wilson) Rothborough C 2 (Taylor 2), Corby Smash D 9 (Marlow 3, Elrington 3, Lock 2, Marlow/Elrington) Corby Chesham 1 (Woolston)

Player of the Week: Neil Marlow

Team of the Week: Corby Smash D

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