Kettering & District Table Tennis League

The Rule Book

1.        The League shall be called the Kettering and District Table Tennis League, and shall be open to all Clubs within a reasonable radius of Kettering.  It shall be affiliated to the Northamptonshire Table Tennis Association and TTE.

2.        (a) The Honorary Officers shall comprise Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Fixture Secretary, Press Officers, Cup Organising Committee, Tournament Organiser, County Representative, Presentation Evening Organiser, Coaching Organiser, Development Officer, Publications Co-ordinator and Website Co-ordinator. These appointments shall be made at the Annual General Meeting together with that of the Auditors.  The League shall also have the power to elect a President and Vice-Presidents.  Any person may hold more than one office.

(b) The League Committee shall consist of all officers mentioned in Rule 2(a) (except Auditors), one representative from each team and other interested persons elected at the AGM, with meetings open to any registered player.  The Committee shall meet as necessary. At Committee meetings, each club will have 1 vote for each of its teams but no person may exercise more than 1 vote. The Chairman, when necessary, will have the casting vote. Members shall not be entitled to vote on decisions affecting their own club.  Each club in the League not represented at a committee meeting, may be fined a sum to be fixed at that meeting.

3.        The annual subscription shall be £40.00 per team inclusive of entry to all cup competitions.  These fees to be paid with the application are not refundable.  Registration fees to be paid in full by the 31st October. Clubs to be fined £5.00, plus £1.00 per team, in the event of fees not being paid by the due date.

4.        Every player registered with the league will be issued with a Fixture List, the cost of which is included in the Registration Fee.

5.        An entry fee of £5.00 per team, refundable at the satisfactory completion of the first season, may be charged to clubs entering the League for the first time.

6.        An audited statement of accounts shall be presented to the Annual General Meeting.

7.        The Annual General Meeting shall be held in the period May to August.  At an Annual General Meeting each club shall have one vote for each of its teams, as per the previous season, but no person may exercise more than one vote.  The Chairman shall where necessary have the casting vote.  At least 14 days' notice of the Annual General Meeting or Special Meeting shall be given to all teams.

8.        Any club registered with the League in the previous season, that intends to enter the next season, not represented at the League's Annual General Meeting be fined a sum to be fixed at the meeting.

9.        These Rules shall not be altered except at the Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting convened for this purpose.  Any Club desiring to submit proposals for altering the League Rules must do so in writing to the Secretary by 30th April. The quorum for an Annual General Meeting and Special General Meeting will be a minimum of 7.

10.     Any matter arising not covered by these Rules shall be dealt with at the next meeting of the League Committee.

11.     Teams playing all away matches will be allowed in this League, with a charge of full re-imbursement to both league/other sides involved.

12.     Any League Cup for Annual Competition cannot be won outright and shall remain the sole property of the League.

13.     A resolution to dissolve the League can only be passed at an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting. In the event of dissolution, all debts should be cleared with the Leagues funds. Any assets of the League that remain after this will become the property of another TTE affiliated League in Northamptonshire or if none exist they will become the property of TTE (Table Tennis England).


14.     League matches can only be postponed in exceptional circumstances and with prior notification to the Fixtures Secretary. The team requesting the postponement will automatically be deducted 4 points. If the fixture is postponed without the Fixture Secretary being notified, the deduction will be 6 points. Such deductions will be subject to appeal at the next committee meeting on the basis of detailed reasons for the postponement being given in writing (or by email). A charge to cover additional expenses may be made against the postponing team

15.     Matches may not be conceded except by committee decision.

16.     Any case of non-fulfilment of a fixture shall be reported by both teams involved, in writing (including email), to the Fixture Secretary not more than 48 hours after the date on which the match should have been played.

17.     The Fixture Secretary shall have the power to deal with disputes.

18.     At its' discretion, the League Committee may award or with-hold points, and/or impose a fine not exceeding £10.00, when dealing with any infringements of the above rules.  Unless a written appeal has been lodged with the League Secretary, fines will automatically be doubled if they are not paid within fourteen days of notification.  The offending team shall be liable to pay to the non-offending team all non-avoidable expenses incurred by the latter in conjunction with the match.

19.     All League fixtures must be fulfilled within 2 weeks following the official end of the season or offending teams may be fined £10.00 per fixture.  Teams failing to complete a previous season's fixtures will not have automatic entry to the League in a subsequent season.

20.     No entry to the Kettering & District Table Tennis Tournament will be allowed unless a minimum of 5 matches League or Cup) have been played during the current season, with the organisers having the power to accept any entry should they think fit. 


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