Thrapston Eagles 21 Donaldson (+3) 8/5, Warliker (+1) 6/6, Stockley (SCR) 6/6, Donaldson/Warliker (+2) 1/3 Corby “C” 20 Woolston (+3) 5/7, Warrender (+2) 7/6, McLaren (+5) 5/7, Woolston/McLaren (+4) 3/1.

Rothborough Comets 25 Ainsworth (+6) 5/7, Sturgess (+7) 11/1, Linnett (+7) 5/7, Sturgess/Linnett (+7) 4/0 Westfield “B” 15 Bailey (+1) 7/5, Rushton (SCR) 4/8, Wildman (SCR) 4/8.

Rothborough Exocets 18 Salander (+8) 4/8, Mordecai (+8) 6/6, Taylor (+8) 5/7, Taylor/Mordecai (+8) 3/1Higham 22 Bashford (+1) 8/4, Elliott (SCR) 9/3, Nannery (+1) 4/8, Elliott/Bashford (SCR) 1/3.

Kettering Town “B” 24 Chatburn (+7) 8/4, Davis (+8) 9/3, Woolston (+7) 7/5, Rothborough Arrows 12 Marlow (SCR) 5/7, M Watts (+1) 3/9, H Watts (SCR) 4/8.

Burton Baptist Team Jim 27 H Lade (+4) 8/4, Sanders (+4) 7/5, Tattersall (+6) 8/4, Lade/Tattersall (+5) 4/0 Thrapston Kites 13 Briggs (SCR) 3/9, Williams (+1) 6/6, Hickson (+2) 4/8.

Westfield “A” 25 N Bird (SCR) 8/4, Wooding (SCR) 7/5, Silk (SCR) 8/4, Bird/Wooding

(SCR) 2/2 Westfield “D” 15 Wright (+7) 8/4, Elliott (+8) 5/7, Grigg (+8) 0/12, Elliott/Wright (+7) 2/2.

Rothborough Buccaneers 19 Lewis (+7) 6/6, Smith (+7) 8/4, Saywood (+7) 5/7, Kettering Town “A” 21 Hawes (+1) 3/9, Fuller (SCR) 7/5, Metcalfe (SCR) 7/5, Fuller/Metcalfe 4/0.

Corby “D” 28 Hunt (+6) 7/5, Cardwell (+6) 9/3, Knott (+6) 10/2, Hunt/Knott (+6) 2/2, Harborough “A” 12 B Thompson (SCR) 4/8, N Thompson (SCR) 2/10, Shield (+1) 4/8, B Thompson/Shield (SCR) 2/2.

With no League action this week 2nd Round matches in the Millman Salver and Borough Trophy knock-out cup competitions were played.

Millman Salver holders Westfield “A” and runners up Kettering Town “A” both progressed to the quarter finals.  Premier Division leaders Westfield “A” had a comfortable 25/15 win over their junior “D” team.  Sidney Wright and Evie Elliott gave Westfield “D” an unexpected 6/2 lead after game 2 but Nicole Bird, Brian Wooding and Steve Silk regained their composure taking 22 of the next 32 points.  On the plus side Wright and Elliott scored 8 and 7 points each.

Kettering Town “A’s” route to the quarter finals was the exact opposite to their Premier Division rivals and only managed to scrape through 21/19 against Rothborough Buccaneers after winning the doubles 4/0 after being 19/17 in arrears after the completion of 9 singles. Sean Smith starred for Buccaneers with 8 points and John Fuller and Nigel Metcalfe replied with 7 each for Town “A”.

Thrapston Eagles and Corby “C” were level at 20 all and the match was decided in a play-off when Ian Donaldson defeated Rob Warrender.  After 3 games Eagles led 10/2 with wins for Ian Donaldson, Chris Warliker and Mark Stockley. Stephen Woolston, Rob Warrender and Keith McLaren did not lose another end and after game 9 the score was 19/17 in Eagles favour.  Donaldson and Warliker took the first end of doubles but back came Woolston and McLaren to take the next three.  Donaldson won the play-off 3/1 reversing their earlier encounter to clinch the all important 21st point.

Rothborough Exocets had a disastrous start when the two Richards Bashford and Elliott whitewashed Helmut Salander and Lee Mordecai for an 8/0 lead.  Although Exocets rallied they could never quite recover from the first two defeats and managed to reduce the deficit by 4 points for Higham to run out victors 22/18.

Burton Baptist Team Jim’s run of success continues, clear leaders in Division 2 and still unbeaten in all three cup competitions.   Latest victims were Thrapston Kites being soundly beaten 27/13.  Harry Lade and John Sanders both scoring 8 points with Stuart Williams Kite’s best player with 6.

After John Hunt and Barry Thompson halved the first game, Corby “D” never looked back and thrashed Harborough “A” 28/12.  Ken Knott with 10 points and Tom Cardwell with 9 starred for Corby “D” being backed up by Hunt with 7.

Richie Bailey put Westfield “B” 3/1 in front against Rothborough Comets.  This was as good as it got for Westfield “B” as Comets won 25/15.  Skipper Pete Sturgess starred for Comets only dropping 1 point to Richie Bailey for a 11/1 return.

Another side to open up a 3/1 lead was Rothborough Arrows when Julian Marlow defeated Jim Chatburn.  After this reverse Kettering Town “B” never looked back and the doubles were not required as they ran out 24/12 victors.  Kettering’s trio Barry Davis, Ann Woolston and Chatburn played consistently throughout scoring 9, 7 and 8 points respectively.



Burton Baptist “D” 8 Aston (SCR) 3, Agg (+11) 3, Muggleton (+10) 2 Burton Baptist “B” 1 Koltuniuk (SCR).

Kettering Town “A” 4 Hawes (+3), Fuller (SCR), Metcalfe (+1) 2, Burton Baptist Team Jim 5 H Lade (+14) 3, Freeman (+16) 2, B Lade (+16).

Rothborough Dakotas 5 Yeomans (+13) 2, Rowbotham (+12) 2, Fleming (+12) Rothborough Arrows 4 H Watts (SCR) 3, Marlow (SCR).

Westfield “B” 5 Smalley (SCR) 3, Bailey (+3) 2, Rothborough Buccaneers 4 Saywood (+12), Jones (+12), Smith (+12) 2.

Higham 6 Bashford (+2), Harrison (+3) 2, Elliott (SCR) 3 Harborough “E” 3 Palfrey (+16) 2, Baker (+17) 1.

Old Village 6 Edwards (+14) 3, Poppy (+15) 2, Banner (+15) Corby “C” 3 Woolston (+2) 2, McLaren (+4).

Corby “B” 4 Arthur (SCR), Moore (+2), Robertson (+3) 2, Thrapston Kites 5 Briggs (+9) 2, Williams (+11) 3.

Corby “A” 3 Haynes 2, Murie Harborough “D” 6 Dixon 3, Pearson 2, Allington.

Burton Baptist Team Jim eased into the quarter finals of the Borough Trophy with a narrow 5-4 win over Kettering Town “A”.  Harry Lade’s trio of wins proved decisive levelling the scores in game eight with a deciding end win over previously unbeaten Nigel Metcalfe.  Ben Freeman completed the victory with his second win in the final singles 21-19, 21-10 over Mike Hawes.

Stuart Williams 21-12, 21-14 defeat of Henry Arthur in game nine gave Thrapston Kites victory over Corby “B”.  Kites led 2-0 and 3-1 but two wins from Chris Robertson levelled the scores at 4-4 before Williams maximum secured victory.

The all Rothborough clash between Dakotas and Arrows finished 5-4 in Dakotas favour.   Julian Marlow’s only success against Cathy Fleming gave Arrows the lead but Dakotas won the next four games to clinch the match in game eight.  Helen Watts completed her treble in game nine for Arrows consolation point.

Westfield “B” defeated Rothborough Buccaneers 5-4 after Buccaneers had led 3-2 after game five.  Westfield “B” took the next three games to secure victory in game nine.  Dan Smalley starred for Westfield with a straight games treble.

After a slow start in their first league season Old Village are improving with every match and reached the quarter finals with a hard fought victory over Corby “D”.  Charlie Poppy’s deciding end win over Rob Warrender gave them a 5-2 winning advantage.  Charlie Edwards was the villager’s star player with a straight games maximum.

Harborough “D” also booked a place in the quarter final draw with Phil Dixon’s maximum being the only undefeated player in their match with Corby “A”.

Burton Baptist “D” recruited Alex Aston from their “A” team for the clash with their “B” team and his treble plus another from Chris Agg and a double from Derek Muggleton paved the way for an easy 8-1 win.  Jacek Koltunuik’s win over Muggleton prevented the whitewash.

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