Match Rules

1.        (a)  Teams shall consist of 3 players (or more for doubles purposes).  Where a team consists of 2 Players only, and the circumstances relating to this are unavoidable, then that team shall be treated as fulfilling the fixture. In these circumstances the appropriate sets will be deemed won by the opposition.  Teams fielding 1 player only shall NOT be deemed as fulfilling a fixture - see Constitution Rule 16.

(b)  Three players will play singles against each of the three players of the opposing team.  Additionally, one doubles set consisting of registered players will take place.  In the unlikely event of both teams fielding two players, four singles and a doubles will be played giving a total of only 5 points for the match.

2.        The order of play shall be as indicated on the result card.  The practice of one player taking part in three consecutive sets should not be encouraged, although in some circumstances this is unavoidable.  The home team shall put their team order on the result card first.

3.        All sets shall be the best of five games, and the result shall be determined by sets.

4.        All matches shall start at 7.30pm or the time indicated in the Handbook.  The starting time shall be entered on the score card.  Practice time shall be completed before the scheduled starting time; the visiting team have the right to use the table five minutes before the match is due to start.  No further practice times are permitted.  At its discretion the League may award points and/or impose a fine of not more than £5.00, when dealing with late starts. Ruling Clarification:  No player who leaves a match earlier than 90 minutes after the scheduled start may claim a rubber from an opponent who arrives late.

5.        Each team shall provide an umpire for alternate sets, whose decision is final.

6.        Results should be submitted to the Divisional Organisers, either by 1st Class Post or electronically, within 24 hours of the end of the match. At its discretion, a fine of not more than £2.00 may be imposed by the League Committee when dealing with late receipt of results.


7.        All players need to be affiliated to TTE as a 'player member' before being eligible to play league table tennis K&DTTL hold individual Clubs responsible for collecting these fees from their own members and sending them to TTE.  No player will be eligible to play until the League has been notified of his/her registration for the coming season. The League requires this notification, together with the player's membership number, by 31 August, for any player wishing to start the season.

8.        Clubs shall register players in teams, and players shall not be interchangeable, except by transfer.  For every team entered, a minimum of three players shall be registered.  A player may play in a league match for another team within his/her own Club other than that for which he/she is registered, in the following circumstances; (1) on any number of occasions for a team in the same or a higher division (2) on a maximum of 3 occasions for a team in a lower division. In either of the 2 instances above only replacing a player ranked higher than him/herself on the ranking list currently in use. The Committee reserves the right to refuse any registration.  A higher Division player who is displaced by a lower Division player may make a written application to the League Secretary to play in a lower Division but must not actually play until approval is granted. 

No registrations will normally be allowed to take place after the 31st January, but in exceptional circumstances applications may be made to the League Committee via the Registrations Secretary.  Should any team play an un-registered player, the points won by that player, will be awarded to their opponents.

9.        Transfer of players may take place during the season up to the 31st January providing the two clubs concerned are in mutual agreement and 14 days have elapsed since last playing.  A registration fee of £5.00 is also required. In the case of a player wishing to transfer from one team to another team of the same Club in the same Division, the waiting period shall be 4 matches or 28 Days whichever is the longer and the registration fee of £5.00 has to be paid.  In that case the application for transfer must be made by 31st December at the latest.

10.     Promotion and Relegation shall be done on the basis of one up, one down when adjacent divisions have only 8 teams or less at the start of the season and two up two down in all other circumstances, this being subject to the number of applications at the beginning of the season.

11.     In the event of two or more teams being equal in points in the League their position shall be determined by matches won then by matches drawn.  If still equal the results of matches between the teams concerned, or failing that, the overall number of doubles wins during the season will determine the final positions.  If still equal, a play-off with no doubles and on a neutral table must be played.

12.     All matches to be played as per Table Tennis England Rules. No time-outs will be allowed.

13.     3 Star Balls to be used for all matches as approved by Table Tennis England.


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