Borough Trophy holders Corby Smash D and runners up Corby Rothbury were both knocked out of this year’s competition in the third round.   

Holders Smash D were eliminated 5-4 by Burton Baptist A.

After eight singles the score was tied at four games all before Dave Needham's 21-11, 21-23, 21-16 victory over Chris Winter secured Baptist’s win.

Runners up Corby Rothbury were beaten 6-3 by club mates Corby Harrogate.

John Hunt and Reuben Warburton scored maximums with Rob Warrander, Nigel Hunt and Adam Bendyk all defeating Sam Pedley.

Tom Reygan made good use of his +14 handicap beating both Derek Muggleton and Jerry Crasto to restrict Burton Baptist C’s lead to 3-2 after five games.  

This was as good as it got for Corby Smash E and Baptist C took the next four games for a 7-2 victory with Kelvin Marshall being the only undefeated player.

Westfield C overcame Thrapston 7-2 but the match was much closer than the result suggested as they needed a deciding end in five of these victories.  

Stewart Williams and Chris Warliker defeated Matt Rushton and Steve Hobbs with Bhavika Mistry scoring an impressive treble for Westfield.

Corby Lakeview forfeited three points against Corby Smash C for only having two players.  

Needing to win five of the six games played proved a step too far and Stephen Woolston and Neil Stone could only manage a single win each against Mike Ainsworth and Mike Burrows.  

Brigitta Palinkas defeated both to ensure victory.

Burton Baptist B and Corby Lincoln produced another close match with the Corby side running out 5-4 victors with Ken Murie’s 21-13, 21-19 win over Harry Lade securing the decisive fifth point.  

Captain Callum Donaldson’s maximum proved to be the difference between the two sides after Baptist had led 3-1 after four games.


Burton Baptist C 7 Muggleton (SCR) 2, Marshall (+1) 3, Crasto (+2) 2 Corby Smash E 2 Reygan (+14) 2

Corby Smash D 4 Elrington (+13) 2, Marlow (+11), Winter (+13) Burton Baptist A 5 Needham (SCR) 3, Tattersall (+4) 2

Corby Smash C 7 Ainsworth (+2) 2, Palinkas (+9) 3, Burrows (+5) 2 Corby Lakeview 2 Woolston (+2), Stone (+3)

Westfield C 7 Hobbs (SCR) 2, Rushton (SCR) 2, Mistry (SCR) 3 Thrapston 2 Warliker (+3), Williams (+5)

Corby Harrogate 6 J Hunt (+9) 3, Warburton (+16) 3, Corby Rothbury 3 Warrander (SCR), N Hunt (SCR), Bendyk (SCR)

Burton Baptist B 4 Lade (+2), Smith (+4), Sanders (+9) 2 Corby Lincoln 5 Donaldson (+14) 3, Murie (+11) 2

The Millman Salver third round provided some very close matches with two needing a play-off and another three results were decided in the doubles.

Rothborough A led Corby Lincoln 14-6 after five games and victory seemed a formality.  

Lincoln skipper Callum Donaldson led the comeback beating Helen Watts 4-0 and Julian Marlow 3-1 after Sean Smith had defeated Tom Cardwell 3-1 to maintain a four point lead.  

Ken Murie defeated Helen Watts 3-1 and partnering Donaldson levelled the scores with another 3-1 against Smith and Marlow.  

Donaldson completed the victory with an easy 3-0 play-off success against Smith.

Rothborough “B” won another very close match 21-20 over Corby Smash D with Lee Mordecai gaining the extra point in a play off with Dominic Elrington 11-9, 8-11, 7-11, 11-8, 12-10.  

A play-off decider was always on the cards as eight of the ten games finished 2-2 and no player won more than seven ends or lost more than five.

Rothborough C led 17-11 after seven games before Westfield C took ten of the remaining twelve points to run out winners 21-19.   

Match winners were Matt Rushton and Steve Hobbs defeating Cathy Fleming 3-1 and Anthony Yeomans 4-0 before combining for victory in the doubles 3-1 against Sally Taylor and Cathy Fleming.

Richard Elliott defeated Dan Busby 3-1 to give Higham the lead against Harborough B but the scores were levelled when Mike Brocklebank beat Andy Harrison by the same score.   

Harborough then took control of the match and only needed to score one point from the doubles for victory.  

Busby and Burnham secured a 3-1 success against Elliott and Harrison for a 23-17 win.

Bogdan Capusa was the match winner for Westfield B scoring eight points in their 22-18 win over Burton Baptist C.  

Kelvin Marshall although only scoring two points for Baptist C could have produced a different result if he could have reversed some of the seven ends in deuce games.

Corby Smash A progressed to the quarter finals with a 22-18 victory over Corby Lakeview.  

In a rare cup appearance Colin Wilson scored an impressive maximum twelve points with 4-0 whitewashes of Chris Haynes, Stephen Woolston and Tom Latham.  

Woolston was Lakeview's star player with 4-0 wins over Alex Cochrane and Gary Pells.

Mike Hawes returned to the Kettering Town side after having few opportunities in the Premier League this season and again impressed scoring eight points in Town’s 23-17 success over Harborough D.  

Youngster Danny Verrall showed good form for Harborough with 3-1 wins over John Fuller and Mike Hawes and a 2-2 draw with Nigel Metcalfe.

Due to Harry Lade’s injury Burton B had to forfeit twelve points and were easily defeated 27-13 by Corby Smash E.  

Andy Parrott starred for Smash E with 4-0 victories over Steve Smith and Phil James.


Westfield B 22 Horrocks (+2) 7/5, Howard (SCR) 7/5, Capusa (SCR) 8/4, Horrocks/Howard (+1) 0/4 Burton Baptist C 18 Crasto (+6) 5/7, Muggleton (+6) 7/5, Marshall (+6) 2/10 Crasto/Muggleton (+6) 4/0

Rothborough C 19 Yeomans (+7) 4/8, Taylor (+7) 8/4, Fleming (+7) 6/6 Fleming/Taylor (+7) 1/3 Westfield C 21 Rushton (SCR) 8/4, Hobbs (SCR) 8/4, Wood (+1) 2/10, Rushton/Hobbs (SCR) 3/1

Corby Lakeview 18 Woolston (+6) 8/4, Haynes (SCR) 3/9, Lathom (+7) 3/9 Woolston/Haynes (+3) 4/0 Corby Smash A 22 Cochrane (3) 3/9, C Wilson (SCR) 12/0, Pells (+2) 7/5 Cochrane/Pells (+2) 0/4

Kettering Town 23 Hawes (+2) 8/4, Metcalfe (SCR) 8/4, Fuller (SCR) 5/7 Fuller/Metcalfe (SCR) 2/2 Harborough D 17 Verrall (+7) 8/4, Coombs (+7) 3/9, Allington (+6) 4/8, Coombs/Verrall (+7) 2/2

Corby Smash E 27 Parrott (+4) 12/0, Wilson (+5) 7/5, Reygan (+7) 5/7, Parrott/Wilson (+4) 3/1 Burton Baptist B 13 James (+2) 6/6, Smith (+2) 6/6, Smith/James (+2) ?

Rothborough B 21 Jones (SCR) 6/6, Mordecai (+2) 7/6, Linnett (+2) 6/6, Mordecai/Linnett (+2) 2/2 Corby Smash D 20 Winter (+5) 6/6, Lock (+6) 5/7, Elrington (+5) 7/6, Winter/Elrington (+5) 2/2

Higham 17 Elliott (SCR) 9/3, Bashford (SCR) 3/9, Harrison (+2) 4/8 Elliott/Harrison (+1) 1/3 Harborough B 23 Busby (+4) 8/4, Burnham (+4) 5/7, Brocklebank (+5) 7/5 Busby/Burnham (+4) 3/1

Corby Lincoln 21 Murie (+6) 6/6, Cardwell (+6) 2/10, Donaldson (+7) 10/3, Donaldson/Murie (+6) 3/1 Rothborough A 20 Marlow (+1) 7/5, H Watts (SCR) 4/8, Smith (+1) 8/5, Smith/Marlow (+1) 1/3 

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