Corby Lincoln clinched a Borough Trophy semi-final spot with a narrow 5-4 victory over club mates Harrogate.   

Ken Knott opened Lincoln’s account narrowly defeating Nathan Dixon 21-17, in the decider but they were soon 3-1 behind after wins for Sam Pedley, Rueben Warburton and Dixon.  

Games five, six and seven all required the extra end with Lincoln regaining the lead before Callum Donaldson won the deciding ninth game 21-15, 21-17.

Danny Verrall was Harborough D’s match winner completing his treble to secure a 5-4 success against Corby Smash B. 

The lead changed hands five times before his 18-21, 23-25, 21-11 win in game nine over previously unbeaten Dave Harvey secured victory and Harborough D’s place in the semi-final.

Burton Baptist A are the Premier Division’s only representative remaining after seeing off Corby Smash C 7-2.  

Dave Needham scored a treble in straight games with Jacob Tattersall and Denise Jacobi both being defeated by Mike Burrows.

Burton Baptist C secured the remaining semi-final spot with an easy 9-0 win over Westfield C.  

Derek Muggleton, Kelvin Marshall and Gerry Crasto all scored trebles with only two matches requiring a third end.


Corby Lincoln 5 Knott (SCR) 2, Donaldson (+5) 2, Murie (SCR) Corby Harrogate 4 Pedley (+8) 2, Dixon (+7), Warburton (+9)

Corby Smash C 2 Burrows (+9) 2, Burton Baptist A 7 Needham (SCR) 3, Tattersall (+4) 2, Jacobi (+2) 2

Westfield C 0 Burton Baptist C 9 Muggleton (+11) 3, Marshall (+12) 3, Crasto (+11) 3

Corby Smash D 4 Harvey (SCR) 2, Hillery (+2) 2, Harborough D 5 Verrall (+4) 3, Burnham (SCR), Coombs (+6)

Adam Bendyk and Dave Welsman won the doubles 21-17, 21-18 against Derek Muggleton and Kelvin Marshall to clinch a four point win over Burton Baptist C in the Points Cup.  

Premier league strugglers Corby Rothbury relied heavily on new signing Dave Welsman who only conceded 51 points in his three singles victories.

Corby Lincoln joined club mates Rothbury in the next round with another close victory over Harborough D by eight points.   

Lincoln’s Ken Murie was their match winner halving all of his games with Dave Coombs, Danny Verrall and Vaughan Allington and combining with John Hunt in the doubles to secure the win taken the second end 23-21.

The game between Westfield D and Corby Smash F was also decided in the second end of the doubles with Smash finally winning by nine points.  

Westfield D conceding a massive 300 point handicap had reduced the deficit to 37 after nine singles had been played.   

Paul Malpass and David George needed to restrict George Marlow and Adrian Gardiner to four points for victory but failed narrowly conceding ten points in the second end after only conceding four in the first.

Corby Lyveden Fields became the third Corby Town team to gain a quarter-final spot after defeating Corby Smash B 416-395. 

Tyler Hillery gave Smash B the perfect start only conceding one point 16-21, 21-17 to Kyle Murie.  

With Chris Haynes only conceding 29 points and Henry Arthur 45 Lyveden Fields then took control of the match for a comfortable victory.

Burton Baptist A won their second cup match in consecutive days defeating Rothborough C 420-386.  

Rothborough C’s 260 point advantage never seemed quite enough as the Premier League side took control securing victory in game nine. 

In a major upset Rothborough B beat Thrapston by 131 points.  

Ivor Jones gained eight points and with Lee Mordecai only dropping 35 and Kelvin Linnett 28 the result was never in doubt.  

Mark Stockley suffering from lack of match practice after a two year absence conceded 33 points.


Burton Baptist C (+120) 409 Muggleton 86/124, Marshall 79/126, Goodman 89/121, Muggleton/Marshall 35/42 Corby Rothbury (SCR) 413 Warrander 118/114, Bendyk 127/89, Welsman 126/51, Bendyk/Welsman 42/35

Corby Lyveden Fields (SCR) 416 Murie 122/66, Arthur 126/45, Haynes 126/29, Haynes/Murie 42/35 Corby Smash B (+220) 395 Hillery 70/122, Frearson 44/126, Logan 26/126, Hillery/Frearson 35/42

Westfield D (SCR) 420 Malpass 126/39, George 126/28, Wooster 126/48, Malpass/George 42/14 Corby Smash F (+300) 429 Marlow 59/126, Schofield 17/126, Gardiner 39/126, Marlow/Gardiner 14/42

Rothborough B (+200) 516 Jones 107/99, Mordecai 89/124, Linnett 92/120, Mordecai/Linnett 28/42 Thrapston (SCR) 385 Briggs 126/78, Warliker 121/81, Stockley 96/129, Briggs/Warliker 42/28

Harborough D (SCR) 412 Coombs 122/88, Verrall 124/91, Allington 124/75, Coombs/Allington 42/36 Corby Lincoln (+130) 420 Murie 118/121, Donaldson 54/126, Hunt 82/123, Murie/Hunt 36/42

Burton Baptist A (SCR) 420 Needham 126/38, Tattersall 126/28, Jacobi 126/42, Needham/Tattersall 42/18 Rothborough C (+260) 386 Steele 46/126, Taylor 33/126, Fleming 29/126, Fleming/Taylor 18/42

Higham W/O Corby Lakeview

The closing date for entries for this year's league closed tournament is Saturday, February 16.

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