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Rothborough Arrows (+240) 478 Jones 53/126, Marlow 87/119, H Watts 78/122, Jones/Watts 20/42 Higham (SCR) 409 Elliott 120/68, Bashford 126/52, Nannery 121/98, Elliott/Bashford 42/20

Westfield “D” (+80) 425 Malpass 114/114, Alder 106/110, Mistry 87/117, Malpass/Alder 38/42 Burton Baptist “B” (SCR) 383 Crasto 107/108, Kotulniuk 116/86, Hooda 108/113, Hooda/Kotulniuk 42/38

Westfield “C” (+160) 426 Horrocks 81/130, Leeson 85/126, Smalley 100/115 Westfield “A” (SCR) 371 K Bird 127/111, Silk 118/65, Stefanov 126/90

Harborough Diamonds (+40) 336 Coombs 89/126, Allington 88/114, Dixon 85/126, Allington/Dixon 34/44 Thrapston Kites (SCR) 410 Briggs 126/93, Williams 126/73, Judd 114/96, Briggs/Judd 44/34

Kettering Town “B” (+120) 369 Chatburn 83/123, Scrivener 72/116, Ann Woolston 72/116, Chatburn/Scrivener 22/42 Rothborough Comets (SCR) 397 M Watts 126/72, Brisley 126/60, Sturgess 103/95, Brisley/Watts 42/22

Thrapston Falcons (SCR) 403 Baldock 126/73, Payne 117/97, Tyler 118/97, Tyler/Baldock 42/32 Harborough Rovers (+80) 379 S Burgess 103/120, J Burgess 93/115, Pearson 71/126, Burgess/Burgess 32/42

Burton Baptist “D” (SCR) 420 Owen 126/60, Marshall 126/41, Muggleton 126/46, Marshall/Owen 42/30 Harborough Imps (+200) 377 Patmore 62/126, Palfrey 56/126, Lauder 29/126, Patmore/Palfrey 30/42

Rothborough Buccaneers (SCR) 420 Saywood 125/87, Harrison 126/69, Ravenscroft 127/65, Saywood/Ravenscroft 42/25 Burton Baptist “E” (+200) 446 H Lade 72/126, B Lade 59/126, Sanders 90/126, Sanders/H Lade 25/42

Rothborough Exocets (+265) 453 Yeomans 65/126, Ainsworth 28/126, Salander 71/120, Salander/Yeomans 24/42 Burton Baptist “C” (SCR) 414 Simmons 120/73, Goodman 126/55, Aston 126/36, Simmons/Aston 42/24

Thrapston Eagles beat Westfield “B” (Conceded)


With another break in League action this week Kettering Table Tennis League’s Shirley Everard Points Cup matches were played.

Last season’s runners up Thrapston Kites started well again with a convincing win over Harborough Diamonds turning a 40 point deficit into a 74 point winning margin. Peter Briggs, Stewart Williams and Geoff Judd were consistent throughout and after wiping out the deficit by game four they never looked like losing the lead.

Higham made a quick start against Rothborough Arrows with Richard Elliott and Richard Bashford only dropping 28 points against Ivor Jones and Julian Marlow and the 240 point handicap looked well within their grasp.  After this it was downhill all the way with Helen Watts and Julian Marlow both taking ends off Mark Nannery and Julian surprisingly also taking an end from Elliott.

Paul Malpass starred for Westfield “D” dropping no points against Burton “B’s” trio and was mainly responsible for their 42 point victory over the premiership side. Jacek Kotulniuk worked hard gaining 30 points but his team mates were unable to add any more.

Premier division leaders Westfield “A” were unable to pull back their handicap of 160 against fellow club side Westfield “C” and fell 55 points short.  Dan Smalley was Westfield “C’s” trump card only dropping 15 points against both his higher ranked opponents Kevin Bird and Steve Silk.

The match on an adjoining table between Kettering Town “B” and Rothborough Comets was a much closer affair with Comets only overhauling their deficit in game 9 and running out winners by 28 points. Martin Watts and Alan Brisley played consistently well throughout but in reply Jim Chatburn, Peter Scrivener and Ann Woolston all managed to halve with Pete Sturgess.

There was another close finish at Islip Village Hall when Thrapston Falcons overturned an 80 points deficit to beat Harborough Rovers by 24 points. Ian Baldock was clearly their match winner beating Jamie Burgess 21-6, 21-10 in game 9 to give his side the lead and then teaming up with Alan Tyler to take the doubles 21-14, 21-18.

Harborough Imps became the third Harborough side to exit the Points Cup at the first hurdle when going down 420/377 after having a starting handicap of +200 to Burton Baptist “D”.  Ron Palfrey and David Patmore held their own but unfortunately Ian Lauder could not back them up and conceded a massive 97 points.  Kelvin Marshall was Burton’s star player only conceding 41 points on the night.

Burton Baptist “E” maintained their lead throughout and ran out 446/420 winners over Rothborough Buccaneers.  John Sanders had an excellent match and only conceded 30 points to the higher ranked Buccaneers trio. Games 3 and 5 proved decisive when he only lost 20-22, 21-16 to Tom Ravenscroft and 10-21, 22-20 with Luke Saywood.

Alex Aston only dropped 36 points against Rothborough Exocets but this monumental effort was still not enough to prevent Burton Baptist “C” losing by 39 points.  Helmut Salander’s recent good league results were repeated again when he took an end 21-15 from David Simmons.  He was also backed up well by Anthony Yeomans also only dropping 9 points against Simmons.

Westfield “B’s” long term injury list prevented them from fielding a side and forfeited their match with Thrapston Eagles.


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