KDTTL Season 2020 2021 Registration

Dear Club Secretary,

Form 1 Team and Player Reg 2020-21 (V2).xls


Team and Player Registration, 2020/21  Season

The new season will start soon and we invite you to complete the above Team and Player Registration Form (Form 1), to enable us to organise Divisions 1 and 2.  Please note there is one form only now covering both teams and players.  Hopefully this will be simpler and it should be submitted as follows:

By 28 September 2020:

Please email Form 1 (excluding player and fee details) to:




lowerbirkby@gmail.com  (Peter Leahy)


By 8 October 2020:

Re email Form 1 with all player and fee information included to the same recipients.  Send payment by BACS to sort code 01-04-66, account number 75994550.  No cheques please, bank transfer only.  Email or text Tony to advise payment.  Fees must be paid before fixtures start, no fees no League points.  Points will not be backdated when fees are paid and points will be permanently lost. 


 Notes about Teams

  • Please enter beside each team the division you feel they should be playing in. We will endeavour to take this preference into account but cannot guarantee that you will be accommodated in all cases.  
  • Also state on the form if we need to arrange the fixtures so that certain pairs of your teams are at home on the same dates or on different dates.
  • Please note that entry into the Divisional Shield and KO Cup Competitions is now automatic and the cost of entry is included in the Team Registration Fee of £14 per team, payable by all teams.   However, due to the generous £100 sponsorship of the KO Cup this year by Chris Knowles, the cost of entering the KO Cup is effectively free.  Also since the Divisional Shield did not happen last year, we have applied a one off reduction this year of £4 per team to reflect that.
  • Please note that any League team can enter more than one team in the Divisional Shield competition if they wish.  We will email team captains before the draw to check if you wish to enter extra teams.


 Notes about Players

  • In the majority of cases, you only need to enter on this form the player’s name and whether or not they are junior or senior and a new or existing player. Simply tick the appropriate boxes.
  • In the case of new players, full address, postcode, telephone number, email and date of birth will need to accompany the player registration form on a separate blank sheet.
  • Player Registration Fees have reduced this year by adults £3.50, juniors £2.  This is because use of the TT365 website is now free.  We will therefore continue to use this system for the present.


Notes about TTE Membership

  1. As last season, no TTE membership fees are included this year.
  2. Every person playing in the League must be registered with TTE and pay their annual membership fee.  There are four types of TTE membership.

·         Compete Plus (formerly Player License).  For those League players who also wish to compete in the British League or any tournament 2 Star or above.  (£38 seniors, £19 juniors).

·         Compete (formerly Player Membership).  For all other League players.  (£16 seniors, £8 juniors).

·         Club Play.  For club players not playing in the League.  (Free)

·         Supporter (formerly Associate Membership).  For non players.  (Free)

  1. The player must register themselves on line at the TTE website, pay the fee direct to TTE and enter /update their personal details.  The link is https://tabletennisengland.sport80.com/login
  2. Players playing in more than one league need only register once.
  3. Please insist that your players register and pay the TTE fee.  Players who are not TTE members are not permitted to play in the League and Martin cannot post their results.
  4. Martin is happy to help any players having difficulties registering.  Just give him a ring on 07740 933463.


Data Protection

  • Personal data collected by the league will be handled in accordance with the KDTTL Data Privacy Policy.  See https://www.tabletennis365.com/Kendal/Privacy 
  • It will be stored on the TTE and 365 websites and it is important that all players access their accounts on the website (see Note 3 above) and enter/update their personal details and register their privacy preferences (ie who can see their data on the website). 
  • In the majority of cases, we will not collect personal data, but will rely on the data entered on the website directly by the player, who has the responsibility for keeping that data up to date.  If we do not have accurate data, we cannot keep in touch with players.
  • In particular, we encourage team captains and club or league officers to set their preferences to allow others to see their details.  Otherwise, communication is not possible.


Best regards


Mick Taylor


P.S   We hope that the League’s pre-season Council Meeting will take place on Thursday, 1 October 2020 at 7.30 pm, online by Zoom.   Council consists of the members of the Management Committee plus one representative from each registered team, so anyone in either of those capacities is welcome to attend.  Please advice Mick Taylor in advance if you wish to attend and he will send you joining instructions.


P.P.S.   At the moment, we hope to start the new season on Monday 12 October 2020.  

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