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Dear Member of Kendal and District Table Tennis League,

It is a requirement of the Kendal League that to play in the League you must be registered with Table Tennis England and pay their annual membership fee.  This is as follows:

Player Membership (for normal League players, the vast majority of you):  Adult £16, Junior £8.

Player License (for players competing in 2 star tournaments and above or British League):  Adult £38, Juniors:£19.

Associate Membership (for club members who do not play in the League):  Free 

In the past the League has in most cases collected your TTE membership fee through your club and passed this money on to TTE.  The Match Secretary has done this, also filling in your details on the TTE system, ie your address, email, telephone number etc.  It's quite a job for Martin, and so this year we ask that each player registers directly with TTE and pays the fee directly.  At the same time you can check and correct your personal details.  This will of course result in a reduction of £16 (juniors £8) in the fees per player paid to the League.

Incidentally, if you play in two or more Leagues, you only need to register with TTE once. 

You should all have had an email direct from TTE asking you to register and pay your membership fee.  Use the link on this email to log on to their system and complete the registration process.  Alternatively, use the link below:

If you have trouble, please contact Martin Wakelin (07740 933463, who should be able to help and perhaps do it for you. 

It is very important that you do register before the start of the season as above, otherwise we cannot enter your match details on the 365 website  and the League cannot function properly.

Best regards,   Mick Taylor 

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