Divisional Shield additional entry

Dear Team Captains, League and Club Officers, 

Invitation to enter extra teams in Divisional Shield 

At the Council Meeting in September 2014, we agreed to invite each League teams to enter more that one team into the Divisional Shield Competition if they so wish.  Some League teams have a squad of 4 of 5 players and since a Divisional Shield team has only two players, it may be possible to enter two or more such teams. This will hopefully swell the numbers in the Divisional Shield Competition, which has sometimes been short of teams in recent years. 

If you would like to enter extra teams as above, please let me know by Saturday 25 October 2014.  The cost is £4 per team as before.  We will make the draw soon after that date.  Just to remind you, the dates are:

  • Divisional     Shield 1st Round   w/c 8     December 2014
  • Divisional     Shield Finals,     Dallam         Sun 11 January     2014


Mick Taylor

Author: via Kendal Table Tennis League
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