First Round Draw for Naylor Cup

The home team must contact the away team to confirm time and date. 

1) Nomads E Grumpies 198 v Fastbats B 54
2) Nemesis B 108 v Tofs Craven 144
3) Fastbats C 126 v St Wilfs D 270
4) Crossflatts A 126 v Fastbats A 0
5) St Wilfs A 108 v Fastbats F 162
6) Toffs MoJos E 234 v Haworth Owls H 216
7) Oakbank A 36 v Oakbank B 90
8) Ukranians A 18 v A.C.All Stars 108
9) St Wilfs B 180 v Fastbats D 126
10) Haworth Goshawks D 126 v G-Star 144
11) Tofs Grumpies D 252 v Haworth Kites E 216
12) Tofs The Cavalry B 216 v Nomads D Ilkley Road 216
13) Haworth Hawks C 108 v Nomads A Embassy 36
14) Cosurica and Friends  252 v Haworth Eagles G 216
15) Crossflats B 216 v Nomads B Cononly Sports 90
16) Haworth SparrowHawks 18 v Tofs Dam-ok C 216




a) The team handicap for this competition in all rounds shall be determined by the Jeff Naylor Trophy Secretary based on League positions at the time. 

b) A player must have played at least one League game for his/her club before the first week of the Jeff Naylor Tournament commences in order to qualify to take part in this competition with that club. 

c) Once a player has played for his/her team in this competition the player may not play for  another team or club in future rounds, even if the player has been transferred to another team or club. 

d) Matches will consist of nine singles consisting of four games per set up to 11 points only with no deuce, and with alternate two serves per player. At the end of the match, all points gained shall be added together and aggregated with the team handicap. The winning team shall be the one with the highest number of points.

e) In the event of a tie at the end of the match, a doubles consisting of four games shall be  played in order to decide the result. The allotted handicap for each team shall be divided by nine and added to the final points totals of the doubles. If the outcome is still a tie the winners shall be decided by the toss of a coin.

f)  All matches must be played in the time-scale allotted by the Jeff Naylor  Competition Secretary. 

g)  The A.G.M. may agree to the Management Committee organising other team-based competitions during the season, either on a handicap basis or otherwise. 

h)  Starting times for all cup competitions shall be as Rule 3(j). 

i)  The costs of playing shall be shared between the two teams involved. 

j) The top or first team listed in each section of the draw is the home team. They must contact the opposing team secretary and confirm the match to be played by default on their normal match night.


The top team in each section of the draw is the home team. They must contact the opposing team secretary and arrange the match on normal match nights. The home team secretary should send in a scorecard and they must return it as soon as possible to the Boothman Plate Secretary: In order to keep to the schedule time, teams may be eliminated if they are unable to fulfil fixtures on the appropriate dates. The matches will be scored 21 up, best of 5, except that each game will commence with the handicaps awarded to each player as per the handicap list. It shall be the responsibility of the home Team Secretary to ensure that the addressed score handicaps awarded to each player as per the handicap list. For example, if player A has a handicap of 9 and player B has a handicap of 13 then the match will commence at 913. The score would then proceed to the next normal change over point (the next point where the sum of the two scores is divisible by 5, for example 3-17) with the winner decided by the “best of five” rule. If a game has a score 2020 then the next point wins. A game in this case is not won by two clear points. The person who has the opportunity to decide whether he/she or their opponent should serve first will be determined in the usual way. Should a fifth game be required, a toss of a coin, or similar, will be used to determine who will have the opportunity to decide who will serve first. There will be no doubles. Eligible players will be as per the Handicap list, all of whom have played at least 3 league matches in any division except Division 1. No one else will be permitted to play in this competition. Players from clubs with more than one team must decide which team within the club they wish to play for when the competition starts. Once they have played for that team they may not play for any other, even if their original team has been eliminated from the competition. The costs of playing shall be shared between the two teams involved. 

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