Joint TDC and Welsh National Primary School Squad Training Day

On Sunday 25th April, the Welsh National Primary School Squad joined our Talent Development Centre players for a training day at Joola Plymouth Table Tennis Club. The squad consisted of 8 primary school players, all ranked highly in their age category.

After a quick warm up, the players participated in a group coaching session led by TDC coach Paul Whiting and Welsh Coaches, Norman and Jac Jenkins. With both TDC and Welsh players mixed together, the training session provided a great opportunity for the TDC players to train alongside some of the best junior players Wales has to offer. 

After lunch in the on site café, the players moved on to pairs matches. Pairs consisted of two players from the Welsh squad pitted against two players from the TDC of similar standard. Although the matches did not effect any player's rankings, each player fought hard to try and out wit their opponents and leave victorious. Once the matches had concluded, the players were able to part ways after a tiring day of training. 

By creating partnerships with other clubs, we are able to provide the TDC players with increased training opportunities with new players to help improve their game. Not only are we able to provide more coaching opportunities, partnership also help to bring valuable revenue to the club in the form of café sales and an increase in tournament participants. 



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