Crawley Circuit K2 January 2014
Crawley Circuit January 2014
A small scale Crawley Circuit event was staged in January to use up tables
which were not being used for the Sussex Satellite Grand Prix. It attracted the
right amount of players to fill the tables available & so was a success. It
also meant circuit players got the chance to watch the top Grand Prix players in
action. In the morning there were three bands, with six players in Bands A and B
and five players in Band C. In the afternoon there were two bands, with eight
players (two groups of four) in Band A and seven players in Band B.
Band A AM:
This was a round robin of six players. Top seed Ryan Heselden (St.
Leonard’s-On-Sea) won the group, winning all of his matches, but was pushed to
five sets by both second seed, Ryan Darwen (Bognor Regis) and surprise package,
Matthew Langley (Worthing). Langley won four matches, including a quality
straight sets win over Darwen, to come second. Darwen came third.
Band B AM:
This was another round robin of six players. Two players, Usumah Bennallal
(London) and Ellis Crockford (Rustington) tied with four wins each. However, as
Crockford beat Benallal, it was he who got the gold medal. Benallal got the
silver. Third place went to Harry Filson (Horsham Spinners), who beat players up
to twice his age (eight).
Band C AM:
This was a group of five players. Luke Darwen (Bognor Regis) won all four
of his matches to top the group, but all of his matches were quite close. Second
place went to Zach Hodges (Horsham Spinners) and Sam Joughin (Brighton) came
Band A PM:
Group 1 was won by top seed Scott Covey (Horsham Spinners), who only
dropped 1 end. The other three players all won one match each, so it was a count
back and it was Louis Zanden (Lewes), who took second place. Group 2 was won by
second seed Joe Worskett (Horsham Spinners), who won all of his matches 3-0.
Again the other three players in the group won a match each and this time it was
Ruth Marsden, who got the group runner-up spot. With the top two players from
each group going into Group A, it was the Horsham Spinners players, who again
dominated. Covey beat Worskett in four games to take the gold medal. Marsden
came third. The third and fourth placed players from the initial groups went
into Group B and it was James Bracey (Lancing), who prevailed, winning his three
Band B PM:
Ollie Guile (Brighton) was the outright winner in a round robin group of
seven players, winning his six matches, only conceding one end. Brothers James
and Stuart Li-Tremble (West Chiltington) took second and third place
respectively, with older brother James winning a closely contested 11-9 in the
fifth match. Stuart had an 11-9 in the fifth set win of his own vs fourth
placed, Anna Blackwell (Brighton).
Final Positions:
Band A AM:
1) Ryan Heselden (Hollington TTC)
2) Matthew Langley (West Chiltington TTC)
3) Ryan Darwen (Bognor Regis TTC)
4) Ruth Marsden (Byng Hall TTC)
5) Nick West (MMJ East Grinstead TTC)
6) Luke Marsden (Byng Hall TTC)
Band B AM:
1) Ellis Crockford (Littlehampton TTC)
2) Usamah Benallal (London Academy TTC)
3) Harry Filson (Horsham Spinners TTC)
4) Ben Bennai (London Academy TTC)
5) Anna Blackwell (Brighton City TTC)
6) James Bracey (Lancing TTC)
Band C AM:
1) Luke Darwen (Bognor Regis TTC)
2) Zach Hodges (Horsham Spinners TTC)
3) Sam Joughin (Brighton City TTC)
4) Benedict Curran (MMJ East Grinstead TTC)
5) Max Mildren (Horsham Spinners TTC)
Band A PM:
1) Scott Covey (Horsham Spinners TTC)
2) Joe Worskett (Horsham Spinners TTC)
3) Ruth Marsden (Byng Hall TTC)
4) Louis Zanden (St. Michael’s TTC)
5) James Bracey (Lancing TTC)
6) Matthew Johnson (Brighton City TTC)
7) Billy Keegan (Brighton City TTC)
8) Luke Marsden (Byng Hall TTC)
Band B PM:
1) Ollie Guile (Brighton City TTC)
2) James Li-Tremble (West Chiltington TTC)
3) Stuart Li-Tremble (West Chiltington TTC)
4) Anna Blackwell (Brighton City TTC)
5) Matt Weller (Horsham Spinners TTC)
6) Sam Joughin (Brighton City TTC)
7) Max Mildren (Horsham Spinners TTC)
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