JBL Play-offs July 2014

Horsham Spinners TTC had 3 teams competing in the Junior British League play offs yesterday in Grantham. Strangely the second team qualified, but the first team did not. The third team were just there for some experience.

The second team consisted of: 1) Ben Naylor-Smith, 2) Reece Chamdal, 3) Ben Worley. Reece fared the best with 7 wins
out of 8, losing only his first match & coming through a few tense 5-setters. Worley won 6/8, also winning some tight matches, while Naylor-...Smith won 5/8 at the difficult number 1 position and had the pressure of winning the decisive match. The team beat BATTS B 4-2, drew 3-3 with Greenhouse C, beat Fusion C 5-1 & beat Cardiff B 6-0. This meant they topped the group and qualified for the JBL.

The first team consisted of 1) Keir Morton (4/6), 2) Josh Walshe (2/6), 3) Viral Kanji-Varsani (3/3). They won 6-0 vs Cardiff C, lost 5-1 to Plymouth & lost 4-2 to Hull. All 4 of Josh's losses were in the 5th, as were a couple of the other losses. They finished 3rd in a strong group and failed to qualify.

The third team was 1) Bertrand Siu (1/6), 2) Charlie Hough (1/6), 3) Luke Gallagher (0/6). They lost 6-0 to Lillington &
Bishop Auckland and lost 4-2 to Greenhouse 4.

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