Horsham Spinners TTC 2 Star July 2014
Two Golds Each for Holly Holder, Feiyang Wang and Naphat Boonyaprapa!
A massive 86 players participated in the fourth Horsham Spinners 2 Star of
the season. There were five boys age categories and also five girls age
categories. 3 families took the lion’s share of the medals on offer. The
Boonyaprapa household took home three Golds, the Liu family bagged two Golds and
a Bronze, while the Boston clan snatched two Silvers and a Bronze! Individuals
Holly Holder, Feiyang Wang and Scarlett O’Neil also impressed, as Holder and
Wang netted two Golds each and O’Neil got one Gold and one Silver.
Boys U10s:
In the quarters Harry Filson of the host club, Horsham Spinners TTC, had a
very good 3-0 win over the number 3 seed, Louis Price (Av), who is ranked almost
300 points higher than him. In the other quarter final Felix Thomis (Bk)
defeated Dylan Tynan (Co) in five sets. In the semis top seed, Naphong
Boonyaprapa (Ng) saw off Filson in three and second seed, Harry Boston (Ca) put
paid to Thomis in four. In the final Boston took the first game but lost the
next three 7-11, 11-5, 11-8, 11-7. Thomis beat Filson in straight sets for the
bronze medal. It is worth mentioning that Zach Hodges (Horsham Spinners TTC)
only lost to Thomis 11-9 in the fifth in the group. Bertie Kelly (So) beat Luke
Darwen (Sx) 3-0 in the consolation final.
Boys U12s:
31 players took part in the Boys U12s. Unranked Samuel Pang (Sy) had a few
good wins to get to the quarter finals including beating fifth seed, Herbie Ross
(Ca) and sixth seed Boston. There were no further surprises in this event
though. In the quarters top seed Jamie Liu (Bk) beat Will McCarthy (K), Ryan
Darwen (Sx) beat Price, Boonyaprapa beat Pang and second seed Reece Chamdal (Ox)
beat Thomis. In the semis Liu defeated Darwen in three and Chamdal knocked out
Boonyaprapa also in three. Liu then won the final 10-12, 11-7, 13-11, 11-4. In
the bronze medal match, Darwen held his nerve to win a close three-setter
against the higher ranked Boonyaprapa 16-14, 13-11, 16-14. Tim Walters (K) beat
Max Steel (Sx) in the consolation final 3-2.
Boys U14s:
This was the largest event, with 33 entrants. All but one of the top eight
seeds reached the quarter finals. The exception was Ryan Darwen, who had a close
loss to Vincent Chu (Mi). The quarter final line-up was as follows: top seed
Naphat Boonyaprapa (Ng) Vs Callum Ashworth, fourth seed Ben Naylor-Smith (Mi) Vs
fifth seed Yaj Vashee (Ha), third seed Dexter Sherin (Sx) Vs Alistair Smith (Sx)
and second seed Liu Vs Chu. All the higher seeds came through their matches,
with the closest being Naylor-Smith Vs Vashee, which unsurprisingly went to the
fifth set. In the first semi, Boonyaprapa defeated Naylor-Smith, but in the
bottom half semi, there was an unfortunate situation where the player umpiring
the match made some errors in the fifth set and this led to some conflict. In
the end, it was Sherin who won the fifth set 11-7. The final was a nail-biter
with Boonyaprapa taking the first two games 11-5, 12-10, but Sherin then hitting
back with two 11-9 games. It went all the way to the wire in the decider, which
Boonyaprapa won 13-11. The bronze medal match also went to five, with Liu
overcoming Naylor-Smith. In the consolation final, Louis Jones (E) beat Matt
Johnson (Sx).
Boys U16s:
There were 28 players in this event. Top seed Gus Thomis (Bk) made it
safely to the final with wins over Ashworth, Abdur-Rahman Kelani (K) and fourth
seed, Sam Liu (Bk), who had knocked out Justin Jeffery (E) in the quarters. In
the bottom half of the draw it was the third seed, Naphat Boonyaprapa, who
reached the final, defeating Chu, Naylor-Smith and second seed Josh Gallen (Bk)
on the way. Gallen had beaten Vashee in the other quarter final. The final was
won by the lower ranked Boonyaprapa 11-9, 6-11, 6-11, 11-9, 11-7. Gallen won the
bronze medal match Vs Liu 3-1. Liam Squirrell (E) was victorious in the
consolation event over Matt Johnson, who lost in his second consolation final of
the day.
Boys U18s:
The top seed for this event did not turn up and by the time it was known
that he was not showing up, the groups were all progressing, so this left a gap
in the top half of the draw. This was filled by Sam Liu, who had been runner-up
to Lucas Papantoniou (Mi) in the group, but who beat the Group 1 winner, Mateusz
Mikosz (He) in the quarters. Papantoniou beat David Busari (Sy) in his quarter
final. No. 3 seed, Dan Pound (Horsham Spinners TTC) saw off Gallen in the group
and then George Wells-Martin (Sy) in the quarters.  The remaining quarter final
was Gus Thomis Vs Gallen and it was the former who prevailed. Both semi finals
were 3-1, with Liu beating the higher ranked Thomis and Papantoniou beating
Pound. In the final, after a close opening game Liu won surprisingly easily in
games two and three 13-11, 11-2, 11-4. This was a reversal of the result, when
they had met at the group stage. Pound won the 3rd/4th place match vs Thomis
12-10, 12-10, 11-7. Andrew Jackson (Sy) defeated Qwentin Kwan (He) in the
consolation final.
Girls U10s:
Scarlett O’Neil (K) dominated a round robin group of three in this event,
with Isabel Webb (K) coming second and Melissa Berry (Sx) third. Webb came back
from 0-2 down to win the last three games all 11-9!
Girls U12s:
Unranked Feiyang Wang (Mi) won a round robin of four in this category. She
was very comfortable and did not drop a set. O’Neil came second with a five set
win over Habina Seo (Ha), who came third. Webb was fourth.
Girls U14s:
Wang again won this event, but was tested more, being extended to five
games by both third placed Sarah James (E) and fourth placed Medha Verman (Sy).
Charlotte Boston (Ca), who finished second couldn’t take an end off the
Girls U16s:
This was two groups of four. Top seed Holly Holder (Sx) won Group 1 with
ease, with Boston taking the runners-up spot, with a five set win over Rutna
Vashee (Ha). Zoe Davies (E) win Group 2 with a very close points count back for
the remaining three places in the group. This was narrowly won by Rebecca Lowman
(E). Holder beat Lowman in the semis & Davies beat Boston in the other semi
12-10 in the fifth. Holder won the final in straight sets. Boston beat Lowman
3-1 for the bronze. Vashee beat Verma 3-1 in the consolation final.
Girls U18s:
This was a round robin of four, which was won by Holder. Davies came
second, Lowman third and Vashee fourth.
Summary of Results:
Boys U10s:
Main: Naphong Boonyaprapa (Ng) beat Harry Boston (Ca) 3-1
Consolation: Bertie Kelly (So) beat Luke Darwen (Sx) 3-0
Boys U12s:
Main: Jamie Liu (Bk) beat Reece Chamdal (Ox) 3-1
Consolation: Tim Walters (K) beat Max Steel (Sx) 3-2
Boys U14s:
Main: Naphat Boonyaprapa (Ng) beat Dexter Sherin (Sx) 3-2
Consolation: Louis Jones (E) beat Matt Johnson (Sx)
Boys U16s:
Main: Naphat Boonyaprapa (Ng) beat Gus Thomis (Bk) 3-2
Consolation: Liam Squirrell (E) beat Matt Johnson (Sx)
Boys U18s:
Main: Sam Liu (Bk) beat Lucas Papantoniou (Mi) 3-0
Consolation: Andrew Jackson (Sy) beat Quentin Kwan (He)
Girls U10s:
1st: Scarlett O’Neill (K)
2nd: Isabel Webb (K)
Girls U12s:
1st: Feiyang Wang (Mi)
2nd: Scarlett O’Neill (K)
Girls U14s:
1st: Feiyang Wang (Mi)
2nd: Charlotte Boston (Ca)
Girls U16s:
Main: Holly Holder (Sx)
Consolation: Zoe Davies (E)
Girls U18s:
1st: Holly Holder (Sx)
2nd: Zoe Davies (E)
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