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Table Tennis Club
About Us

Horsham Table Tennis Club was founded in the 1938/1939 season, as an offshoot of the Horsham Lawn Tennis Club.

Over the years it has played in various venues: the former Black Horse Hotel (corner of West street); the Albion Hall (now demolished); the old Y.M.C.A; The Barn, in the Causeway; and in 1972 the old army hut at Broadbridge Heath (now demolished), Then the Forest Boys school hall; and in 1986 Broadbridge Heath Sports Centre.

The club has always played in local league(s) and in the early 1970's the Crawley League was renamed the Crawley and Horsham League, at the initiative of the Horsham Table Tennis Club.

Contact Info

Bilal Rehman-Furs (General Secretary)

Mark Clover (TT365 Webmaster)

Tat-On Man (TT365 Webmaster)

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