Date                      14th March 2015

Venue                  Kingfisher Club Reading

Division               4D Home Team Hereford 3rds V Away Team Hertfordshire 6ths


Steve Brown: -5, -10, 2, 6, -14 loss & 9, -4, -7, 7, 7 win.

Dave Hallam: -9, -13, -5 loss & -7, 9, -8, 6, 9 win.

Bob Marshall: 4, 9, 7 win & -11, -5, -10 loss.

Liz Hallam: -7, -10, -9 loss.

Steve & Liz: -8, 9, 8, 12 win

Dave & Liz: -7, 8, -9, -6 loss

Dave & Bob: -8, -5, -6 loss


Match Report

This was a tight game and there was the possibility of a draw right down to the last game. Dave Hallam started but was unable to get going properly and lost three straight in the opener.  Bob Marshall making a return to the County team had a good win over the opposition number three to level the match. He dealt well with the awkward pimples. Steve on next and went two down very quickly before finding some form. The fifth game had Steve 10-7 up but he lost out after a number of deuces. Steve and Liz played the first mixed and after losing the first got it together well and coming out on top. Dave then stepping out against the other David with another game that was going all the way with the Hereford Dave coming good with some clean hitting and a lot of patience. Liz took on Louise and was in it all the way even though the opposition lady came through three straight. Dave and Bob chanced their arms at the men's doubles and the selection didn't pay off as they didn't really trouble the opposition. Bob stayed on for his final singles and again was in it all the way with two deuce games going against him he lost three straight. It was up to Steve to try and keep the interest up in this match which he did by winning in five to set up the possibility of a draw. The responsibility for the final mixed doubles rested on the shoulders of Liz and Dave and at one game all it seemed that this too was going all the way. But it was not to be and the Hertfordshire pair won it in four to win the match 6-4.



Date                      14th March 2015

Venue                  Kingfisher Club Reading

Division               4D Home Team Hereford 3rds V Away Team Berkshire 3rds


Steve Brown: 10, 6, -9, -6, 9 win & 10, 6, -9, -5, -8 loss

Dave Hallam: 8, 5, 7 win & -8, -7, -5 loss

Bob Marshall: -5, 8, -10, -8 loss & -4, -5, 15, -13 loss

Liz Hallam: 9, -7, 9, 8 win

Steve & Liz: -11, 5, 9, -0, -8 loss

Dave & Liz: 9, -5, 9, 9 win

Steve & Bob: -8, 9, -5, -9 loss


Match Report

Dave got us off to a great start with a comprehensive three straight victory over the opposition number one.  Bob then took on a very strong number three and at one game all the next two could have gone either way. Bob struggled with his opponents serves but in open play did block well, but the serve was the difference in this one. Steve then went two up against Antony before being pulled back level, the fifth going all the way but Steve coming out on top by the slenderest of margins.  Liz and Steve then tried to pick up where they had left off this morning in the mixed doubles but the serves from the opponent  Steve  were too much for Liz to cope with. The first game was the crucial one a deuce game that the Hereford pair should have taken. They took the next two before a whitewash love game set up a fifth decider.  A close game but Hereford always playing catch up and couldn't quite make it.  Dave next against the strong number three and he too couldn't cope with the serves and never really got into it at all. It was now up to Liz to step up to the mark and she certainly did. A tight first with both ladies a little tentative. Sue took the second and looked as if she had a game plan but Liz was determined and became more consistent to pull through in four all of which were close.  Steve and Bob this time tried the men's doubles but again Bob struggled with the opposition Steve’s serves and his return of serve made it very difficult to serve to him. Bob stayed on to play Antony and had a poor start going two down in no time.  He took stock and tried the consistent approach which paid off in a deuce game in the third. The fourth also going into deuce but not in Bobs favour.  Steve now had to beat Alan.  He took the first two as Alan was making a number of mistakes, but in the third Alan started to find form which improved each game after that and saw Alan win in the fifth and secure the match victory before the last mixed doubles.  Such a shame as the Hallams showed us how to play mixed doubles by beating Sue and Alan in four. Another 6-4 defeat for the third team.


Date                      15th March 2015

Venue                  Kingfisher Club Reading

Division               4D Home Team Hereford 3rds V Away Team Kent 6ths


Steve Brown: -6, 7, 3, 6 win & -10, -4, 7, -14 loss

Dave Hallam: -7, 8, 10, -7, 8 win & -10, -8, 10, -6 loss

Bob Marshall: -4, -5, -8 loss & -2, -6, -6 loss

Liz Hallam: 7, -11, -16, 13 loss

Bob & Liz: -3, -3, -10 loss

Dave & Liz: 10, 6, -5, -8, -6 loss

Steve & Dave: -9, 9, -5, 7, -5 loss


Match Report

Day two, and after a late night curry and an early full English breakfast we were ready to go again. We had only one fixture today which was against Kent. Dave starting off against an unknown quantity in Steve Johnson.  Steve was a competent player but it would be fair to say that Dave's hitting was on this afternoon. Whilst he was often forced into the backhand corner he found his forehand hit would go on from anywhere.  It was a close match throughout and a very good one to watch.   Bob was up next but could not cope with the style of Roger Harris a good defender.  Bob coped well with the pimples but the defending rubber along with Roger’s technique was creating an effect that was too much for Bob.

Steve’s game against Roger P looked like it may be the same frustration that Bob had suffered after Steve lost the first, but he then settled and concentrated fully with shot selection and took the next three to put Hereford into a 2-1 lead.

The first mixed doubles was a three straight defeat with Liz struggling with some service returns and although there was a chance at 10-9 up in the third a missed hit allowed a deuce which Hereford then lost.

Dave back to the table and although his hitting was working it wasn't consistent enough against Roger H who ground out a dogged victory.  Liz was up next and last time she had lost to the same lady. She started with the bit between her teeth and as well as keeping a consistent ball in play she also hit the right shot when it was there.  She took the first game and was up in the second before letting Carol back in to level the set.  The third was tight throughout and the deuces kept on going with neither lady being assertive until the last two points when Carol went for broke and got the breakthrough.  The fourth game again the same a tight deuce battle but unfortunately Liz unable to turn any of them in her favour.  The men's doubles saw Steve & Dave try their luck together. As with most doubles certain ways round for serve and receive often influence the game and this was no different. Changing at 4-5 onto the way round that had served them better the Hereford pair should have been the favourites, but Kent were not going down without a fight and a string of points after the turn around they ran out as worthy winners.

Bob next against Roger P which again started off as one of those frustrating games where you have to concentrate on every point.  A closer second and third game showed that Bob could do it but Roger was just too consistent for him.

The two Steves then did battle and it was a close affair but the Kent Steve came out strongest in the two deuce games which really could have gone either way.  The final mixed saw family Hallam in action they took the first games with some great play but somehow the Kent pairing turned things around totally and stopped Hereford adding to the two games that they has scored right at the start of the match.

Unfortunately three defeats but an enjoyable weekend with some good table tennis adding to the fun.  The team spirit was great and the County shirts were worn with pride.

Thanks to all of those that have represented the 3rd team this season.


Steve Brown


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