2018 AGM - Tuesday 5th June - 8pm at Adeyfield Hall


The League's 2018 AGM is at Adeyfield Hall - Tuesday, 5th June, starting 8pm.

The Meeting will include Reports on the season, Presentation of Trophies, Election of Committee Members, Discussion of / Voting on League Rule Change proposals (see below), and general other League matters, including GDPR and Teams being able to enter their own Match Results.

No Rule Change proposals have been received from outside the Committee (cutoff date was 8th May)?
The Committee have come up with two Rule Change Proposals :-

  1.  Rule 10 a)  (Promotion and Relegation - Positions).
The proposal is to remove the use of Sets Difference, when determining final positions of teams in a division, for teams level on points, and instead to make the next factor determining final positions, be the (higher) number of wins.
Example : Teams A and B finish level on points, but Team A has won more matches than Team B.  Points are calculated as Sets plus Wins, so, according to the current Rule, Team B place above Team A (as they must have a better Sets difference).  The Rule *change* would mean Team A finish above Team B, in future.

  2.  Rule 7 d)  (Substitutions).
The proposal is to disallow use of substitutes in Wren Cup / Wren Plate matches.

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