Division 2 round 1 and 2 to be played by Christmas if possible

Scorecard in pdf and spreadsheet links

template scorecard.pdf

template scorecard.xlsx

Round 1

  1. P Gumbley v T Wallbank
  2. T Waller v J Nixon
  3. C Deighton v S Wild
  4. C Towse v P Kenny
  5. G Chan v T D'Arcy
  6. T Stephenson v L Furlong
  7. P Chan v T Hudson
  8. M Broomhead v F Kucera

Round 2

  1. J Halbert v C Towse/P Kenny
  2. M Lynch v A Chapman
  3. A de Hutiray v B Stockill
  4. T Marshall v G Chan/T D'Arcy
  5. P Wharton
  6. T Smith v R Kiddle
  7. R Hermes v J Shannon
  8. N Crocker v G Asbury
  9. M Laidler v C Deighton/S Wild
  10. T Stevenson/L Furlong v P Chan/T Hudson
  11. B Clarke v B Graham
  12. P Gumbley/T Wallbank v N O'Brien
  13. C Bateman
  14. T Kelly v C Weatherill
  15. T Waller/J Nixon v R Jowsey
  16. M Broomhead/F Kucera v D Walker
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