Prelim Round

  1. Howard Innocent/Neil Pell lost to John Halbert/John Rowley 3-2 scorecard - Howard and Neil v John and John Div 3 Prelim Round.xlsx


Round 1

  1. Eric Mitchell/Jim Walker beat  Roger Hill/Jeremy Pickworth 3-2 scorecard - Eric and Jim v Roger and Jeremy Div 3 Round 1.xlsx
  2. Emma Hagues/Les Wood v Warren Shermer/Ian Boardman
  3. John Halbert/John Rowley lost to Glenn Apperley/Sam Joia 4-1 scorecard - John and John v Sam and Glenn Div 3 Round 1.xlsx
  4. Ian Gomerson/John Baker v  Abhi Kant/Richard Blunden

In terms of scheduled dates - I am aware that players have holidays and prior commitments.

If you look at the fixture list we have the following weeks available for competitions:
Week Commencing February 4th
Week Commencing March 11th
Week Commencing April 8th
Week Commencing April 15th

As such we have scope to get the matches played and Finals Night sorted before W/C April 15th.

Template scorecard for Best Pairs.xlsx

Example scorecard for Best Pairs.xlsx

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