Terry Jewitt

Writing this piece on Terry has taken me through the archives and I’m sure many players past and present will have their memories and recollections of playing with and against Terry over the years.

Terry started playing table tennis in Harrogate when he joined Wetherby Crypt, the earliest record I could find was of Terry being Captain of the Wetherby Crypt when winning the Charity Cup against NEGB back in 1969/70 season.  That’s nearly 50 years ago and a remarkable feat to be playing for so long in Harrogate.

Looking at the early achievements:

1970/71: Winner of Division 4 Doubles with P Micallef

1976/77: Winner of Division 4 Doubles with J Smith

Records are somewhat scant until the start of the 1988/89 but Terry continued to play table tennis for the Yorkshire Regional Health Authority (YRHA) from the 70’s through to the 88/89 season.

From the library of handbooks, it’s clear Terry achieved many successes in the late 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s and these are detailed later.

Terry played for just a few Clubs over the years, Wetherby Crypt, YRHA alongside Colin Bateman, Barry Walker and S Tasker. In 1992 he moved to St Georges, striking up a formidable team with Neil Little where he played alongside Colin Bateman, Neil Little, Phil Kenny and Barry Walker. Terry, Colin, Neil and Phil continued to play together right through to the 2002/03 season, at this time they had moved to Wanderers (2000/01) – based in the Harrogate Cricket Pavilion.

With the demise of their venue in 2003/04, Terry, Colin and Phil spent one year at Oatlands, before joining Ripley where he and every present team mate Colin stayed until the end of the 2013/14 season.

Following a break from the sport, Terry was back and in 2017/18 persuaded by his good friend Colin, played for Knaresborough Cricket Club, his last game was on October 31st 2017 against Racquets C. That match saw Terry, Nick Morton and Garry Stockburn win 8-2 with Terry winning two but losing his very last match to Phil Ralli, 11-3, 16-14, 14-12. That must have been one tough match to play in and watch!

Terry was an extremely difficult opponent to play against, his ability to play with a pimpled rubber was superb and he could cause players all sorts of trouble with his style of play, especially those who hadn’t faced him before! A very consistent player with a remarkable average over the years, from 2001/02 season onwards he was always above 60%. 

He was a loyal Club player, YRHA, St Georges and Ripley in the main and amazingly played with Colin Bateman every season from 1988 through to 2014 -that really is remarkable.

Terry, you will be missed.


Graham Bowland

Chairman HTTA May 2nd 2018



As promised Terry’s achievements from 1988/89:


1988/89: Winner Handicap Doubles with Colin Bateman

1988/89: Runner up Handicap Singles

1990/91: Winner of Charity Cup with YRHA A (Colin Bateman, Barry Walker, S Tasker)  

2000/01: Joint winner of Charity Cup playing for Wanderers A (Colin Bateman, Phil Kenny, Neil Little, Mrs L Smith)

2007/08: Winner Men’s Doubles with Andy Whiteley

2009/10: Winner Over 60’s Singles

2010/11: Winner Overs 60’s Singles

2013/14: Winner of Charity Cup with Ripley Star B (Colin Bateman, Ian Hilton, Paul Stephenson, Richard Whiteley)

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