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Many of your members will have received a number of emails from TTE regarding proposed changes to TTE’s Articles of Association.


Sport England is introducing the Code for Sports Governance which is  mandatory for organisations receiving government funding and is a condition of funding.   TTE has been awarded £9m for the next 4 years and must be compliant by 31 October 2017.


The main conditions of the code are that the Chairman must be appointed after an open public advertisement and interview and that there should be a minimum of 25% independent directors and requires restrictions on the length of service as director.


The changes proposed by TTE implement the requirements of the Code and have been approved by Sport England.


TTE’s plans were opposed and at the recent AGM TTE failed to get the required vote to implement the changes.   TTE will now hold an EGM on 12 August to try again to get the changes through. 


HTTA’s position is that without any other realistic alternatives to TTE’s proposals being put forward then it has to be seen to support TTE’s position and will vote for the changes at the EGM

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