Information on the structure of the new season
The team sheets have been received from all clubs and the committee met on 1 August to organise the
league structure for the following season.
This year is no different to others in that we have new teams, teams dropping out, players moving from
one team to another and specific division requests.
The initial requests presented the following structure
Division 1: 7 teams
Division 2: 8 teams
Division 3: 8 teams
Division 4: 8 teams
Division 5: 14 teams
Total number of teams: 45
Total number of Clubs: 12
The requested structure does above not work with 14 teams wishing to play in Division 5. In addition
Division 2 winners, because Division 1 is so strong, requested to stay in Division 2 without a further
restructure of the  league. Another problem was that with the above structure and other variations that
were discussed is that  we would have up to three grids making the fixture planning difficult.
We have decided therefore to move back to having 4 divisions and attached is a list showing the various
teams and the divisions they are in.
Because of the original requests for division places, the issue over promotion to Division 1 and requests
from teams for enlarged Division 1 we recognised that there is a need for Division 1  to remain a
competitive and tough league to attract players.
Therefore the committee decided that Division 1 will be “split” after the first half of the season.  So each
team in Division 1 will play each other once in the 1st half of the season and then the division will split so
that in the 2nd half of the season the top 6 teams will play each other and the bottom 6 teams will play
each other.
Given that we were radically changing Division 1  and following reports and comments from players
about different scoring systems in different leagues we have also decided to change the scoring system
as a trial for this season. 
In Division 1 there will simply be 2 points for a match won and 1 point for a match drawn.  In divisions 2-
4 there will be 1 point for each game won so if a player loses 3-2 they will still get 2 points (and the
winner will get 3 points).  This means that in Divisions 2-4 a 10-0 result now becomes anything from 30-0
to 30-20 
The  league fixtures, the draw for the 1st and 2nd round of the divisional singles competition and the
Charity Cup   are on the website now.
Author: via Harrogate Table Tennis League
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