Wilmott Cup results

Results were as follows:


A zonal round was played at Harrogate Racquets Club, between the Leeds, Harrogate and Scunthorpe team to fight for the one place in the final.


The matches ended up as follows:


Harrogate  3 - 2 Leeds

Results - Harrogate vs Leeds

Harrogate  2 - 3 Scunthorpe

Results - Harrogate vs  Scunthorpe

Scunthorpe 2 - 3 Leeds

Results - Leeds vs Scunthorpe  


Since everyone was tied in the round robin, it went to sets won:


Leeds: 16 sets

Harrogate: 20 sets

Scunthorpe: 21 sets


Scunthorpe won on highest sets.


Harrogate player results:


Joe Wright vs Liam Rowson (Scunthorpe) (3-1)
Joe Wright vs Jan Baltazarovic (Scunthorpe) (3-2)

Joe Wright vs John Chew (Leeds) (3-0)

Joe Wright vs Nick Ryder (Leeds) (3-0)


Nathan Taylor vs Liam Rowson (1-3)

Nathan Taylor vs Jan Baltazarovic (1-3)

Nathan Taylor vs John Chew (1-3)

Nathan Taylor vs Nick Ryder (2-3)


Harrogate vs Scunthorpe (0-3)

Harrogate vs Leeds (3-1)


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