Approved table tennis balls

We have had a few queries about whether orange celluloid balls can still be used.  This is of particular concern to those clubs whose venues have white or light coloured walls.

HTTA rules (12.1) say that  ITTF approved 3 Star balls can be used.   HTTA wishes to follow YTTA and TTE and use only white plastic balls, but allow orange celluloid balls for at least the time being.

 At the moment there are some orange celluloid balls that are ITTF approved and so these can be used for matches. A list of approved balls is attached.

 Please note that this list is only valid until 31 December 2016.  After that it may be the case that some balls on this list will no longer be approved and therefore will not be able to be used.  It is understood that all white celluloid balls will be removed from the list.

ITTF Approved Balls.pdf
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