Can all team captains all bear in mind  that under rule 7.2 fixtures may be postponed up to 24 hours before the commencement of the original match, or played earlier if both teams agree.

There have been a few situations where one team has simply sent an email requesting postponement and, for whatever reason, the other captain has not received it or not been able to access it.

 It is not enough just to send an email and then assume that the match is postponed.  You must get the other captain’s agreement.  There may be a number of reasons why the other captain doesn’t get or see your email so If you don’t receive any reply to your email pick up the phone to check that it has been received and that the postponement is agreed.

 We would expect the other team captain to agree to a request for a postponement unless there is some compelling reason for refusing a request.

 The contact details of all teams captains are in the handbook but, since there is always the risk that contact details may have changed, double checking with what’s on the website is a good idea.  If you do change your contact details please advise your divisional secretary so that the website can be updated

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