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Norton & Consolation Cup 2018-19


5th Cup Week Draw (Finals)

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Cup weeks are those commencing 8th Oct, 10th Dec, 25th Feb, 25th Mar (Semis) and 15th Apr or so (Finals).

All teams are in 1st cup week in Norton Cup 1st round. Losers will continue later in handicap Consolation Cup. But that is only if had played and with a complete team.

Some teams in 2nd cup week in either event will have no match but be given byes instead. This is because there are less than 16 teams to fill the round of either event.

In the 2nd or subsequent cup weeks the players to play need to have played in at least a quarter of their team's league matches leading up to that particular cup week.

Consolation Cup match handicaps may be recompiled at each round. But they may well be unable to take account of the immediately previous league match week results.

Finals may be Monday 15th April, or so, at Potter Street Baptist Church hall, the club at PSBC volunteering hosting these this time, with an audience welcome. 

Norton & Consolation Cup 2017-18:



Allnutts 5         BATTS Sakis 2

Norton Finalists

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Termites 5      Water Lane D 2

Consolation Finalists

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