Committee Initiatives

Hi all, 

In my role as Publicity Officer for the Harlow Table Tennis League, I have been discussing with the committee a number of potential new initiatives.   

In summary these include the following: 

1.  To advertise for new members to join our local league on the assumption individual clubs are interested and have the capacity to do so. 

2.  To encourage more teams to put forward articles about their club or individual players for publication on our website in an effort to make the league more inclusive. 

3.  To make league members more aware of our website and encourage them to read updated news and current articles. 

4.  To ensure team captains take more responsibility in advising their players about dates of matches and any cancellations especially in the cup to alleviate no shows. 

At the moment I am initially seeking feedback on point number one and should be grateful if you would reply on behalf of your individual club as to whether you have any potential new membership requirements? 

In view of the Christmas holiday I should be grateful if you would reply by the 10th of January. 

Thank you 


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