Kevin Neville in European Racketlon

At the end of November, one of our Harlow league TT players, Kevin Neville, represented Great Britain in the Europ‎ean Racketlon Championships 2015 in Prague. 

Racketlon is a sport that combines 4 racket sports into one match. You play Table Tennis, Badminton‎, Squash and Tennis (ordered by size of the court) , one after the other. A match consists of 21 points of each sport. The winner is the player who scores the most points added up across all 4 sports. It is no good being excellent at one sport only to lose the other 3. As you can see, each point effectively is a match point. If you are losing 20 - 0, it is still worth struggling for that point as you might win the next sport 21-0. 

Kevin was playing in the Over 55's team and they got to the final where they met the multi-time winners, and favourites, Hungary. ‎Kevin played in the doubles and won all 4 sports with a large winning margin. This score was added to the other 2 singles matches scores and meant that it all came down to the last tennis match where GB went into the game +1 point. It was a squeaky tight game but GB came through by 2 points ensuring the Gold Medal.  

The GB team performed astoundingly well, winning 2 golds and 3 silvers from 6 teams, the juniors were particularly dominant. In the singles matches GB won gold in  U13 boys, U16‎ boys, U16 girls, U21  boys and Over 45 woman along with a raft of medals.   

‎Racketlon used to be 'owned' by the Swedes, Danes and Austrians who invented the sport. GB is now the new force where table tennis, which has typically been the weakness (and still actually is), is showing great improvement and sets up a win due to strength in the other sports. All TT players are welcome to bring their skills to the table!

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