Coaching at the Gunnislake Table Tennis Club takes place on Friday evenings.

Between 18:00 and 19:30, youngsters between 8 and 18 receive coaching by our two qualified and experienced coaches, Roger and Ottilia. It is very satisfying to see the children and young people learn and improve their game, especially as none of them had any real previous experience!

Between 19:30 and 21:00 there is a free play session for teenagers and adults. Both coaches are usually still present at that time, and anyone, young or old, who would like some coaching during that time, only have to ask either of them!

There are also two ladder competitions available, where players can challenge another player up to two places above them. The idea is to try and get to the top of the ladder!

There is a first and a second division, with the winner of the second able to challenge the two lower ranked players of the first.

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