AGM Annual General Meeting June 27 2014

Our Annual General Meeting will be held on Friday June 27, 2014, from 19:30 - 20:00 in St Anne's Church Hall - our usual meeting/playing place.

I know - meetings are boring! So we'll try and get it over and done with as quick as we can. But - in order to keep running the Club, we need as many of our members there as possible. The time chosen is such that the youngsters and their parents/carers can be there at the end of their session, and the next group of players is coming in to play, so are there as well.

To keep the Club running, we need active members, and active committee members - so we're asking everyone to consider if maybe they could help out (here and there) in running the Club, so we can continue to play, and improve on what we have to offer.

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