First Half Season Report

With the first half of the season drawing to a close, latest results have been submitted.

In Division One ENX and Kings Cobra shared the points two each for Lewis Woolston, Tom Baxter and Mike Woods.

Yarcon Eagles could not hold Gorl Cons 'A', going down 3 - 7 two each John Richardson, Ashley Marsh and Kit Marsden.  Eagles lost again 2 - 8 when they played Yarcon 'A'.  

St Johns beat Yarcon 'A' thanks to a maximum from David Boatman score 6 – 4.  Yarcon then lost again this time 10 - 0 to Potters.

Gorl Cons 'A' continued with their winning streak when they met Police taking the points 6 - 4  the highlight of the night was the defeat of Ryan Moore by Simon Allen a most interesting match.

In Division Two Kings Outlaws had a good win against Broadland 'B' where Tyler Hawkes beat Picco Vittese 13-11 in the fourth.  Outlaws then outpaced the Jokers 7 - 3 a maximum for Colin Fortescue who beat Nathan Harris in five.  Bob Lamb took two and Derek Humphries was unlucky losing to Jake Mitchell 12 - 10 in the fifth.

Gorl Cons took all ten points when they met two man Broadland 'B', Liz Hewitt and Marissa Brookes had good games against Rosa Richardson both losing in the fifth.

Yarcon 'B' just pipped Broadland 'A' 6 - 4 but could not defeat Alex Harley - they followed this up with another win 8 – 2 against  ENSFC  three each for Eddie Fuller and Stephen Triggs with Adrian Rumsby grinding out two wins.

ENSFC bounced back 7 - 3 against Broadland 'A' two each for Kieran Tang, Liam Hanley and Dennis Symeou. Alex Harley took the three for the losers.

Telecom were on good form against Gorl Cons 'B' taking all ten points and they followed this up with a 8 - 2 victory over the Outlaws, three each for Richard Boyce and Anthony Bridgeland.

In a club derby Outlaws pipped Kings 'B' 6 – 4.

Kings then defeated Yarcon 'B' thanks to a maximum from fast improving Toby Bland.  They followed this up with a 9 - 1 win over Broadland 'B', Marissa Brooks and Tyler Hawkes played very well for the losers.

Jokers could only muster two players when they met Gorl Cons 'B'

going down 1 - 9  Jerry Walker won the only game for Jokers when he beat Rosa Richardson.

Edna Fletcher MBE

League Cup Final

The final of the League Cup competition was held at the Gt Yarmouth Conservative Club between Kingsgate Cobras and St Johns.

This turned out to be one of the most exciting cup matches played for a few seasons.  Cobras went into a great start when Alfie Nichols beat Frank Hayward, Mike Woods beat Paul Wright and Paul Calver won against Ian Brown.

When Mike Woods beat Frank to put the Cobras 4 - 0 up it looked all over for the Saints

Then Alfie lost in three games to Ian, Paul lost to Paul W in three and Mike Wood lost in three to Ian: the Score now 4 – 3.

Paul C had a great struggle with a determined Frank but he also lost in three to make the score 4 – 4.

Up stepped Alfie against Paul W- excitement was now heightened - who would win the cup!

With both players attacking Paul just scraped the first game 21 – 20 and after some excellent play from both players Paul took the second 21 - 16 to give his team a great victory.

Edna Fletcher






The league Cup competition group play has been 

finalised- in the last few matches Kingsgate Jokers

had a narrow victory over Gorl Cons B  who had

Paul Reeves shine on his debut- winning one and

losing the other two in the third-  and Will Humphries

and Terry Rymer also won- good team effort

 The Jokers could only muster

two players when they met St Johns and went down

1 -8 leaving the Saints as group winners

Broadland B tried hard against Gorl Cons going

down 2 - 7 Marrisa Brooke and Liz Hewitt each

won against Rosa Richardson

Outlaws just lost out to Potters ENX with Nathan Harris

taking the scalp of Lewis Woolston- Bob Lamb had two wins

Telecom could not hold Yarcon A going down 1 - 8

Police could only turn out two players when they met Kingsgate B

losing 2  - 7

The Cobras dominated against Yarcon B winning 8 - 1

David Willgoss won against Alfie Nichols in three

Semi Finals are Tues Oct 2nd and Thurs Oct 4th

Final Tues Oct 9th

The next tournament is the Autumn November Handicap

on TUESDAY  NOV 13th  Entries must be in BY LATEST

FRIDAY 9th Nov - and could close early if maximum number reached

E Fletcher MBE

01493  667440


Tuesday 2nd October semi final

Yarcon Eagles vs St Johns 1936

Thursday 4th October semi final


Yarcon A vs Kingsgate Cobras

League Cup Final Table



League Cup Week 3 Results 2018/19

League Cup Week 2 Results 2018/19



League Cup Week 1 Results 2018/19




Mill Lane take the First division title

League matches have finished and congratulations go to MILL LANE ENX who have taken the first division title pushing St Johns into second place and Yarcon Dynamos third

Gorleston Conservative Club finished an excellent season with a great all-round team effort that gave them top spot in the second division followed by Yarcon B and Kings B

In the Team Doubles Final for the second division the Gorleston Conservative Club claimed victory over Yarcon B 18-9 with some great play by Albert Cadmore and Ashley Marsh backed up by John Richardson.



Edna Fletcher


Doubles Challenge Cup Finalists 

doubles final 17th



12.03.2018 - League Report - by Edna Fletcher

league table div1 new2

league table div2 new23a



The Doubles competition has reached the Semi-final stage.

To be played TUESDAY 10th APRIL at Yarmouth Conservative Club  7.30pm:-

Winner Group "A"     Kings Cobra              v          Yarcon Dynamos      R/Up Group "B"

Winner Group "B"     St Johns                      v          Yarcon "A"                 R/Up  Group "A"

To be played on THURSDAY 12th APRIL at Yarmouth Conservative Club at 7.30pm:-

Winner Group "C"    Gorl Cons                  v          Kings "B"                    R/up  Group  "D"

Winner Group "D"     Yarcon Telecom      v          Yarcon "B"                  R/up Group "C"

** There was a tie in Group D but on count back of points TELECOM took first spot**

League Games

In the League Gorl Cons had a good win 8 - 2 over Telecom with Ashley Marsh scoring a maximum 2 each from Albert Cadmore and John Richardson. and another victory when they played Kings B with several matches going to five.

Jokers could not hold Telecom who took nine points from them.

Saint Johns were on top form taking nine points from Yarcon "A".

Martin Nichols had a good win over Darren Smith when the Cobras met M.L.ENX- score going down 2 - 8

Yarmouth Championships Tuesday 20th (single) and Thursday 22nd (Doubles)

E Fletcher  (tel: 667440)


13.02.2018 - League Report - By Edna Fletcher

Broadland ground out a draw when they met Yarcon Eagles:  Sue Allen and Mick Wright played well to take two each.

Yarcon Police beat St Johns 6 - 4 but could only put out a two-man team when they played Yarcon A and went down 1 – 9.

Yarcon Dynamos came up against an in form Mill Lane ENX losing all ten games.  MLENX won all ten again when they met Yarcon Eagles although Sue Allen put up a good fight against Tom Baxter losing in four.

Hat trick for Aaron Marche when Yarcon Dynamos played St Johns but the Saints took the honours 6 games to 4.

Kings B scored 7 against Kings Jokers with 3 for Toby Bland and 2 each for Jeremy Bedford and Ian Stephens.  Another victory for the Kings team when they met ENSFC where they took all ten points.

The College team went down again against Yarcon B but a good performance from Kieran Tange for the losers who lost in four to David Willgoss:  Jordan Neasmith also lost a close game with David.

Kings Outlaws tried hard against Gorl Cons who had Ashley Marsh and John Ribbands score maximums.  Nathan Harris won the only game for Outlaws when he beat Albert Cadmore in five.  Jake Mitchell was unlucky when he went down in five sets to Albert.

Maximums for Dick Boyce and John Smith when Telecoms met the Outlaws - score 7 – 3. Telecom could not keep up the winning streak when they met Yarcon B going down 4 – 6, two for Dick Boyce: Yarcon had Steve Allen take two and David Willgoss three.  David with Eddie Fuller then won three each to win the match for Yarcon 6 - 4 against Kings Jokers.

Edna Fletcher


27.01.2018  -  League Report  -  by Edna Fletcher

The season continues to throw up surprises - none more than Mill Lane ENX taking eight points from champions Saint Johns and climbing to top place.

The Saints had earlier just managed to hold off Kings Cobras 6 – 4 with Paul Calver beating Wally Ladmore and then young Alfie Nichols showing great determination scoring an excellent maximum - taking the scalp of unbeaten Frank Hayward in a memorable five setter.

Yarcon Police were winners  9 - 1  against the Eagles: with three each for Tony Shaw and Nick Calver.

Yarcon Dynamos hit a winning streak when they played Broadland, taking seven points; Bob Lamb scored three backed up by Chris Neve and Paul Stone who took two each. Ashley Marsh playing up had a good victory over Paul.

Some close games were fought in Division two: Kings Outlaws were pipped by ENSFC 6 - 4 with Jordan Neasmith taking three and Kieran Tang two.  Jake Mitchell fought hard for the losers ending up with two victories.

The College could not maintain their winning streak going down 2 – 8 to Gorleston Conservatives who had Albert Cadmore and Ashley Marsh unbeaten.  Will Humphrey made his debut with victory over David Lever a new keen youngster to watch and nurture.

Gorleston Conservatives were in dominant mood when they met Kings Jokers taking the match 8 – 2.  Another close match when Kings B played Yarcon B - score 4 – 6 with hat-tricks from Steve Allen and Eddie Fuller.

Division One leaders:

Mill Lane ENX     played       8          64 points

St Johns                                  8          61 points

Dynamos                                9          52 points

Division Two leaders:

Gorl Cons played                  8          58 points

Kings B                                    8          52 points

Yarcon B                                  7          41 points

Teams have now caught up in the DOUBLES competition.

Gary Stride has done well to work a table out for each group

Edna Fletcher 01493 667440

25/01/18  -  Doubles Tables Div1 and 2 

Yarcon Police and Broadlands A have unfortunately pulled out of the competition so all teams have received 27 points.

league table div1 14 1 18




league table div2 new3






Div 1 Doubles Results


Unfortunately 2 matches were a no show.



League Report W/E 9th December 2017


Matches in the first half of the season have been concluded and the first games in the new doubles competition are being played. 

St Johns are top of division one chased by Mill Lane ENX.  Gorl Cons are enjoying an excellent season thanks to strong play by Ashley Marsh and they deserve their first place in division two.

Latest scores:-

ENSFC 6 - Kings Jokers 4 Kieran Tang scored three backed by Jordan Neasmith with two, one each for Charlie Hacon/Derek Humphries and two for Steve Rogers for the losers.

Kings B had a good win over Kings Outlaws 9 games to 1.  Gorl Cons just held off Yarcon Telecoms 6 - 4 in a very competitive match and followed this up with another victory 7 - 3 against Yarcon B - Ashley Marsh 3 - Rosa Richardson 2 and John Ribbons 1

For Jokers - Jerry Walker played very well when he defeated Mark Stebbings of Outlaws in five hard sets and had another victory in five over Jake Mitchell.  Jake lost again in five this time to Charlie Hacon, Steve Rogers shone for Jokers with a maximum.

Yarcon B 7 - Outlaws 3  Steve Allen had to fight hard against Mark Stebbings winning in four with two of the sets deuce to gain a hat trick / three wins for David Willgoss.  Jokers and Broadland B ground out a draw: Charlie Hacon and Jerry Walker two each - Derek Humphries one.  Gavin Brewer/Darcy/ doubles gave Broadland their five points.

Gorl Cons won 8 - 2 when they met ENSFC, the game of the night was when Ashley Marsh beat Jordan Naismith in the fourth l2/10.

Yarcon Dynamos were on good form taking nine points from Kings Cobra, Carl Stephenson had a great fight against Martin Nichols winning in the fifth.  Neville Beckett also won in five against Mike Woods, Chris Neve won 14/12 in the fourth against Mike, Alfie Nichols fought hard and beat Chris 15/13 in the fourth.  Cobras fought back to winning ways when they met Yarcon Eagles: Alfie beat Mick Wright in five and Martin beat Pip French in five.  Sue Allen, for the losers, played well to beat Mick and Martin - Match score: 6 - 4

Dynamos continued on their winning way taking 8 points from Yarcon Police - Carl Stephenson and Neville Beckett both scoring maximums

St Johns met Broadland and won 9 - 1 Alex Harley beat David Boatman but lost in five to Ian Brown.  Ashley Marsh playing up was unlucky to lose to Ian - two of the sets 12-14/ 10-12 also losing in five sets to David.

Edna Fletcher

01493 667440


League Report Week Ending 27th November 2017


In division one Mill Lane ENX had a good victory over Yarcon Eagles 9 games to 1- but the match was much closer than the final score shows – Pip French scored the only point for Eagles when he beat Lewis Woolston - then lost out in five sets to Darren Smith.  Eagles then played Yarcon Dynamos and lost 3 – 7 Pip French won two and Mick Wright one for Eagles. A maximum for Carl Stephenson, two for Bob Lamb and one for Paul Stone for the winners.

In Division two, Telecom gained 9 points when they met Kings Outlaws - Mark Stebbings had a good win against Alan Jones but Nathan Harris was unlucky against the same player losing in the fifth. Jake fought hard losing one match deuce in the fourth.

Yarcon Telecom entertained Gorl Cons and found Ashley Marsh in excellent form - he scored a hat-trick - John Richardson lost in the fifth to John Smith but beat Dick Boyce and Alan Jones, Gorl Cons then took the doubles for victory.

It is tight at the top of division one where Saints with 28 points from four games are holding off Mill Lane ENX who have 27 and Yarcon A with 26.

Division two leaders are Kings B with 39 points from 5 matches followed by Gorl Cons with 29 from 4 and Yarcon B 25 from 4.  Aaron Marche tops the division one players average unbeaten from 6 matches.  Division two have Albert Cadmore and Steven Allen top with 6 wins from 6.

Edna Fletcher MBE


18th November

League Report:

Kings Jokers 5 Yarcon Telecom 5  Steve Rodgers took three for Jokers with two each for Dick Boyce and John Smith for Telecoms

Jokers then played Yarcon B and went down 4 games to 6

Steve Allen and David Willgress were on good form with maximums each

Gorl Cons took 9 points from Kings Outlaws with three each from Albert Cadmore and Ashley Marsh/ two from Rosa

Yarcon B scored 8 against ENSFC three each for Eddie Fuller and Steve Allen.

Report by Edna Fletcher


13th November

Two big scores in division two-  Gorl Cons beat Kings Outlaws

9 games to 1  and Kings B notched up ten when they met Broadland B

but credit must go to the newly registered players- Liz and Gilbert who

with Tyler Hawks fought hard for every point for Broadland

Broadland A went down to Kings Cobras 4 - 6 a maximum for Alex Harley

Alfie Nichols took two for the losers

ENSFC went down 3 games to 7 against Kings Outlaws- David Lever was

unlucky to lose two games in five-Keiran Tang 2 Laurie Poulson 1 for the

college team.

Two good victories for Yarcon A who won 7 - 3 against Yarcon Police

Paul White helped them on their way with a maximum -  good back-up from

Mike Woolston and Colin Triggs- 2 wins each/ Tony Shaw won 2 for Police.

The A team then beat Kings Cobra 6 games to 4 in a very tight competitive

match. Three wins for Martyn Clarke /two for Paul White

Alfie Nichols took two and one each for Martin Nichols and Paul Calver

for Cobras

Yarcon Eagles had a good win over 2 man Broadland 9 games to 1

An on form St Johns beat Yarcon Police 7 - 3. - for the losers- Tony Shaw

and Nick Calver took the scalp of veteran Wally Ladmore and then the doubles

Saints then played Yarcon Dynamoes and this most interesting match ended 5 games all

Aaron Marche for Dynamoes was man of the match bringing off some most spectacular

shots - Chris Neve beat Wally Ladmore in five then lost to Ian Brown in five

Paul Wright Jnr won two for Saints leaving Dynamoes to win a hard  fought doubles for a

richly deserved draw


Edna Fletcher



24th October.

Yarcon Police played a solid match to score 7 points against the Eagles, two each for Simon Allen/Nick Calver and Tony Shaw; Mick Wright for the losers had two good wins.   Mill Lane ENX took nine points against Broadland but this match was closer than the score suggests, Kit Marsden beat Darren Smith and Ashley Marsh, playing up, took Tom Baxter to five before losing.  Yarcon Dynamoes and Yarcon A ground out a draw with Aaron Marche taking all three points from the A team.   Steve Rogers was the star for the Jokers against Gorl Cons who had Ashley Marsh and John Richardson take two each, score 5 all.   Yarcon B just managed to hold off Kings B, 6 games to 4, thanks to three each from Eddie Fuller and David Willgoss.

November handicap tournament is on Tuesday 14th November at the Gt Yarmouth Conservative Club: Phone 01493 667440 with your entry by latest 9th November.

E Fletcher MBE  01493 667440


2017 League Cup Final Result




Mill Lane ENX 3 v 6 Kings Cobras


In a good spirited competitive final Cobras rushed into a 4-0 lead and all looked over but a fight back to 4-2 ensued from Mill Lane. In a tight game that proved to be decisive Paul Calver edged out Darren Smith in the 3rd 21-16. Cobras went on to win 6-3 to take the onto the league season..


Martin Nicholls




table 3



Last matches have been played in the L Cup competition group play

Yarcon Telecoms scored 5 against Kings Outlaws who gained 4

A hat trick for Dick Boyce

Telecom then lost to Mill Lane ENX 8 - 1 but many of the matches were close

Dick Boyce lost all three games in the third set- Alan Jones had a good win over

Darren Smith at 21- 20/ John Smith lost to Tom Baxter and Darren in three

A very competitive match

Yarcon A beat Gorl Cons 7 games to 2

Ashley Marsh gave a star performance with a three set win over Colin Triggs

and then a tremendous victory over Martyn Clarke- 21-18/20-21/21-20


Semi Finals will be 

                                  Yarcon A    v      Kings Cobra

                            Mill Lane ENX  v  Yarcon Dynamos


Both matches at the Gt Yarmouth Conservative Club


Edna Fletcher



Results update week 2


full week 2



The League Cup competition is well under way- please note all matches must be completed

w/b 25th September

Yarcon A had a good game against Yarcon Eagles winning 6 - 3 Colin Triggs took three

Martyn Clarke two. Pip French won two and Gary and Mick one each for the losers

Gorl Cons had Ashley Marsh on form winning his three\excellent back up from Terry Rymer

with two great victories- Derek Humphries was unlucky to lose both his games in three

to Ashley and Rosa   SCORE Gorl Cons  6 - Jokers  3

Eagles played better in their second match against Gorl Cons  winning 7 - 2 Pip French

beat Albert and Terry  but lost in three to Ashley  Mick Wright played very well to score three

Yarcon A kept a clean sheet when they met Kings Jokers but Colin Triggs had to fight hard to

win in three against Jerry Walker and Derek Humphries

St Johns were unlucky against in form Kings Cobra- who used their handicaps well

Paul Calver won three/Alfie Nichols two and Mike Woods one/ SCORE 6  - 3

Yarcon B could not hold Cobras going down 2 - 7 three each for Paul and Alfie

and one for Martin Nichols

They lost again 4 - 5 to ENSFC with the college playing good handicap T T

The College could not contain St Johns  going down 2 - 7  Laurie was unlucky

losing to Wally in three very competitive games/one at 20 - 21

Keiran Tang beat Paul Jnr and Wally - but lost to Ian Brown in three who with three

good victories was man of the match

Police with only two men fought hard against Dynamoes but went down 4  - 5

Simon beat Carl in three  then lost to Chris Neve in three which gave the edge

to Dynamoes- Tony Shaw was the star winning three

Police had better luck when they met Kings B  Nick Calver scored a hat trick-

supported by one each from Tony and Simon SCORE 5 - 4

M Lane ENX just managed to hold off Kings Outlaws winning 5 games to 4

Tom Baxter and Darren Smith scored two each with one from Andy Knell

Mark Stebbings and Pico played well for Kings

Kings B beat two man Broadland B 9 - 0 and Dynamoes gained 9 points when

Broadland conceded the match

Please send results in a.s.a.p.


Edna Fletcher 


results wk2







RESULTS – WEEK COMMENCING 11TH SEPTEMBER 2017      *to be played

Group A







Yarcon “A”



Yarcon Eagles



Gorl. Cons



Kings Jokers


Group B







Boardland “A”



Yarcon Telecom



Kings Outlaws



Mill Lane ENX


Group C







Kings “B”



Yarcon Police



Yarcon Dynamos



Broadland “B”


Group D







Yarcon “B”






St Johns



Kings Cobras



Submitted by Edna Fletcher 04th December

Latest results

In Division one Yarcon Police lost two matches- one to St Johns 2 – 8 with

Ryan Moore winning the  two for Police- and the other 1 – 9 against Mill Lane ENX who put

out a very strong team that included Martin Peek. Police then bounced back

to win 6 – 4 in a very tight match with Kings Eagles- Nick Calver/Simon Allen and Tony

Shaw won two each-  Cliff Frazer won two for the losers.

Eagles then had a very good match in a club derby with the Cobras and with Mick Wright

and Cliff Frazer winning two each managed a creditable draw – Young Alfie Nichols

won two for Cobras.

Cobras again had a draw when they entertained Yarcon Dynamos- winners were

Paul Calver with two and Martin and Alfie Nichols with one each- Neville Beckett

and Chris Neve secured the five points for Dynamos.

Cobras found Yarcon A in great form as they went down 2 – 8 but fought hard with

Martin Nichols just losing 9 – 11 in the fifth to Mike  Woolston who also beat Alfie in the fifth

Martyn Clarke scored a maximum for Yarcon A/ Mike Woolston and Paul White/two each

Cliff Frazer fought hard when the Eagles played Mill Lane ENX winning two games but

could not stop his team from losing 3 games to 7.  Andrew Knell scored a hat-trick

with support from Louis Woolston and Darren Smith two each

Dynamos had to forfeit their match against St Johns

Mill Lane  2 Kings B   8  Peter Smith and Jeremy Bedford two each

Yarcon B beat Gorl Cons  8 – 2 but in this very long sporting match five of the games went

to five sets  Abert Cadmore won two – and was denied his maximum by Eddie Fuller who

beat him 13 – 11 in five exciting sets

Aidie Rumsby played well to win two games

Top place in Division one is held by Yarcons A with St Johns in second

Top place in Division two is held  by Yarcon B with Kings B in second

Would teams start to nominate their two players to represent them in the Spring Pairs Competition

which will be held w/begin Jan  9th 2017- to enable Tournament Officer to work out the handicaps

of each match before/during the holiday break

Submitted by Edna Fletcher 31st October


The first week of the League matches saw Yarcons “A” notch up an 8 – 2 victory over Kings Eagles. Cliff Fraser had good wins over Martyn Clarke and Mike Woolston but could not defeat Matt Current who scored a hat trick. A good all round win for the Yarcons team.

Two man Yarcons Police just lost out to Yarcons Dynamos 4 – 6. Good play by Nicky Calver with two for the losers.

A great tussle when Mill Lane ENX met St Johns. Several of the games went to five sets. Frank Hayward was unlucky losing by a two point margin in each of his matches. Paul Wright as expected won his three, but star of the night must be Wally Ladmore who with two of his matches going the distance he won them both on deuce giving him a well-deserved maximum. The doubles produced some high quality hitting from all four players and ended with victory for the home team. Score 4 – 6.

Mill Lane and Broadland B with only two players each ended in 5 – 0 to Mill Lane team.

Yarcons “B” started their season with a 4 – 6 loss to Broadland “A” who had Kit Marsden in good form. First division teams are reminded that they can “bring up” players to help out if they are unable to field three registered players.

Submitted by Edna Fletcher 18th April


Matches are drawing to a close. The second division have completed their fixtures with an exciting last match between Kings “E” and Kings “D”. The E team knew they had to win nine points to pip their “B” side for the title and this they duly did with three each from Martin and Alfie Nichols plus the doubles. Roddy Brewer had to win two games and this he did under great pressure, congratulations! 

St Johns won all ten when they met Yarcon Sparks. Eddie Fuller was unlucky to lose a good game in five sets to Frank Haywood. Colin Triggs played well against Ian Brown but could not gain those vital last points.

The Saints took all ten again when they met two man team Yarcon Dynamos. 

Andy Knell scored three for Mill Lane ENX when they met Mill Lane Eagles. There were several deuce games including one for Louis Woolston 18 – 16, score 8 – 2 for ENX.

Random Doubles on Tuesday 26th is the last tournament of the season

Names are now arriving for the Quiz on May l9th, entry is free but a raffle prize would be appreciated

AGM on May 26th changes to rules must be received by April 24th

E Fletcher  MBE

Submitted by Edna Fletcher 10th April


GORL CONS had a good match with ENSFC for whom Kane Simmonds won two beating

Rosa Richardson and Albert Cadmore. Jordan Neasmith beat Rosa and Albert and Nial Simmonds beat Ashley and Rosa giving the College team victory by 7 games to 3.

St Johns took all 10 points against Eagles when overall age and experience overcame youth and energy!! Cliff Fraser lost an exciting game to Ian brown in five sets and Gary Stride playing up performed well for Eagles.

Gorl Cons just scraped home by winning the doubles when they met Mill Lane where Colin Fortescue scored a maximum with one from Jerry Walker, score 6 – 4.

ENSFC dropped only one point when they met Kings D but there was a good win for Martin Hazell

over Niall Simmonds.

The last tournaments of the season will be played this month

   ** 1st Division Singles on TUESDAY   19th April - - ENTER by SUNDAY 17th **

      2nd Division Singles on THURSDAY 21st April -- ENTER by MONDAY 18th**

     *   RANDOM DOUBLES (partners drawn) TUESDAY 26th April ENTER by FRIDAY 22nd *

            QUIZ THURSDAY MAY 19th TEAMS 3/4/5 OR 6 order food by MAY 10th

            Saus/Chips/ Scampi/Chips/ Chick Goulons/Chips  / Veg Quiche/chips all priced £4.50

            Last year we had a bumper entry/lets equal or better it this year.

All entries to E Fletcher.

Submitted by Edna Fletcher 28th February


Yarcon Crusaders had another victory when they played Mill Lane Eagles winning 9 games to 1 with Cliff Fraser having a great win over Mike Woods with two of the sets going to 12-10.  This win keeps Crusaders at the top of Division one.

Yarcon Sparks  fizzled out and lost all ten points when they met Mill Lane ENX although Colin Triggs played a good game against Louis Woolston losing in five sets and Eddie Fuller also lost in four. 

Yarcon Police could only manage 2 wins against the strong St Johns team going down 2 games to 8.   Ian Brown was man of the match with a maximum.  Nicky Calver beat Wally Ladmore and Tony Shaw  beat Frank Hayward.

Kings “B” entertained their “E” team for whom Alfie and Martin Nichols played very well to take 6 points, Sue Allen scored two and Karen Smith and Gary Stride one each . 

Mill Lane met Kings “D” and gained a good 7 – 3 victory with maximums from Jerry Walker and Steve Rogers.  The players from Kings scored one win each .

 Spring Pairs final is on Tuesday March 8th at the Yarmouth Cons Club  start 7-30pm.

The Singles in the Yth Championships will be held on Tuesday 15th  with a closing date of  MARCH 10th , the doubles on Thursday March 17th with a closing date of March 14th.  U-21’s will be on Tuesday 22nd , closing date  March  18th . Vets on Thursday March 24th . Closing date of  March 20th.

Entries to Tournament Officer


Submitted by Edna Fletcher 7th February


Yarcon Crusaders suffered their first defeat of the season when they went down in a hard fought match 4 – 6 to Yarcon College Exiles, star of the match was Sean Molloy who scored a hat-trick, but Lewy Carby lost his 100% record.

Yarcon “A” took all ten points from Yarcon Sparks who are currently at the foot of the table. There was a tight match when Yarcon Police met Mill Lane Eagles score 6 – 4.  Simon Allen won in five against Mick Wright with two deuce games  l2 – 10 and 16 – 14, Mick then lost again in five to Tony Shaw.  Bob Lamb pulled one back for Eagles when he beat Simon, who lost again to Cliff Fraser.Cliff triumphed in five hard sets against Nick Calver - a good exciting competitive match . 


AN up and down match saw St Johns score 8 against Mill Lane ENX.  Darren Smith lost in five to Ian Brown but Louis Woolston turned the tables on Ian when he won in five. No luck either for Andy Knell who went down in five against Frankie Hayward – who was unbeaten together with Paul Wright.

 The Nichols family had a good night when both Martin and Alfie took three each for Kings “E” against 

ENSFC.  Jordan Neasmith and Nial Simmonds scored one point each for the losers.


Kings “B” overpowered Kings “D” to take all ten points and followed this up with a 7 – 3 victory when they met Broadland but they could not stop the winning streak of Bradley Burgess who scored a maximum.  Bradley kept up his winning form when Broadland met Gorleston Cons and he took the points from Albert Cadmore, Ashley Marsh and Terry Rymer.  Final score 7 -3 to Cons.


THE YARMOUTH CONS CLUB.  Two names for each team please by the *** 2nd March ***



Submitted by Edna Fletcher 1st February 2015


Latest Results

Kings Centre “B” played a tight match when they met Yarcon Telecom; the score ended five games all. Karen Smith had an excellent game against Dick Boyce winning a point for her team. Gary Stride and Sue Allen both won two. John Smith scored two for Telecom.

Broadland could not turn out a team when due to play Mill Lane and the game was forfeited 0 – 10.

Kings “E” notched up a good win over Gorleston Cons 7 games to 3 thanks to maximums from Martin and Alfie Nichols.

In the top division St Johns overpowered Yarcons “A” 8 – 2 when Paul Wright and Frankie Hayward took charge and were unbeaten.

The Saints then met Yarcon Dynamos and just managed to pull off a victory 6 games to 4 thanks to a hat-trick from Paul Wright.

Another crushing defeat for Mill Lane Enx when they went down 0 – 10 to on form Crusaders who are still topping the table and are the team to beat.

Submitted by Edna Fletcher 25th January 2015


The TOWN HANDICAP SINGLES   will be held at the Yarmouth Conservative Club


With a good entry expected- get your entry in early- closing date is ** WEDNESDAY 3rd FBEBRUARY **

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Latest Results

Yarcon Dynamos met Yarcon Sparks and won 9 – 1. David Willgoss had two tight games. One against Chris Durrant, winning in five sets, but losing the other in four when he played Eddie Fuller.

Mill Lane ENX could not gain a point when they played in form Yarcon Coll Exiles. Bob Lamb lost a close five setter against Mike Woolston and Cliff Frazer went down in four tight sets against Martin Pigott.

Two man Yarcon Police fought hard against Mill Lane Enx but went down 3 - 7. Nicky Calver dropped the first set against Louis Woolston but came back strongly to take the next three and continued his good form when he beat James Smith. He had no answer to Andrew Knell and lost in three, Simon Allen also lost to Andrew but gained a consolation point when beating Louis in four.

Kings D lost 3 – 7 to Gorleston Cons where Albert Cadmore gained a hat-trick/ Rosa Richardson won two and Terry Rymer one when he beat Peter Gray-Reed. Martin Hazell played well for the losers and gained a point when he beat Terry.

Submitted by Edna Fletcher 11th January 2015


In Division One - Yarcon “A” took nine points from Yarcon Police.

 Yarcon College Exiles then beat Mill Lane ENX by the same score, whose only point gained was a doubles victory.

Mill Lane then played a very tight exciting game against St Johns.  Andy Knell came from two down too beat Ian Brown in five and Darren Smith had a good win over David Boatman. Paul Wright took the honours with a maximum. St Johns won the doubles for a 6 – 4 victory.

Two man Telecom just lost 4 – 6 against Gorleston Con Club who brought in Ashley Marsh and he gained a maximum. Two wins for John Smith and one for Graham Chapman for Telecom.

ENSFC had a good 7 – 3 victory over Mill Lane. Kane and Niall Simmonds both scored a hat-trick with one for Jordan Naismith.

Yarcon Crusaders are top of the first division with 76 points followed by Yarcon “A” with 56 and

Yarcon Coll Exiles with 54.

Division Two have Yarcon Telecom in first place with 48 points, Kings “E” second with 45 points

and Kings “B” third with 41.

Coaching is available, please contact any committee member for info.

Submitted by Edna Fletcher 17th December 2015


Yarcons “A” played Mill Lane Eagles and ran out winners by seven games to three. Martyn Clarke scored a maximum supported by Josh Baker with two and Paul White one.

Cliff Frazer just lost against Josh but beat Paul.

Eagles then met Mill Lane ENX and went down again - Cliff Frazer being their only winner when he defeated Louis Woolston.

Police fortunes were on the up this week when they defeated Yarcon Dynamos  7 – 3, a hat trick this time for Simon Allen and two from Tony Shaw and one from Nick Calver who just lost a five setter to Chris Neve.

Yarcon Crusaders took all ten points from Yarcon Dynamos and now top the division.

Kings “B” were too strong for ENSFC and gained all ten points.

ENSFC fought back in their next match and won against Broadland 7 – 3, two each for Jordan/Nial and Baden. Gavin Brewer scored a maximum for the losers

Kings “E” took the doubles in a tight game against Yarcon Telecom to run out 6 – 4 winners,

This puts Kings in top place.

Names for the Spring Pairs Competition should have now been entered.

Submitted by Edna Fletcher 6th December 2015


Yarmouth Crusaders top Division one with 46 points- College Exiles with 41 points are putting

In a strong challenge

Kings “E” top Division two with 32 points followed by Kings “B”/Mill Lane and Yarcon Telecom

who with a game in hand are nicely placed

Yarcons “A” could only win 3 points when they met Crusaders and Mill Lane Exn fared no better

they lost 0 – 10

A good match when Mill Lane played Kings “E”  Steve Rogers scored three- Jerry Walker lost to

Martin Nichols in five and to Alfie Nichols three straight- Kings won the doubles to snatch a draw

Kings “B” scored eight when they met Gorl Cons

Karen Smith lost a tight game to Albert Cadmore but then beat Rosa Richardson in four

Sue Allen  also had a good victory over Rosa but lost to Albert

Peter Smith scored two beating Albert and Rosa

Gorl Cons could only muster two players

Gorl Cons then played E NSFC and were too strong taking all ten points


Submitted by Edna Fletcher 30th November 2015


Yacons “A” beat St Johns by 7 games to 3. Yarcon Crusaders scored another ten points when they

Met Mill Lane Exiles.

Sparks had an interesting match with College Exiles who brought up young Bradley Burgess. He found the experience of Eddie Fuller and Colin Triggs hard to manage and went under but managed one victory in the fifth 11 - 9 against Chris Durrant. Well done to the youngster.

Gorleston Cons took all ten points from ENSFC.


Entries by *** December 14th please ***

Start gathering your two team representatives for the Spring Pairs competition which

Will be played w/b January 11th. Tournament Officer to have names by January 4th 2016.

Submitted by Edna Fletcher 25th November 2015


Latest results

St Johns played their first league match and could only muster two players against a strong Yarcon Exiles side and lost 0 – 10 (this catapulted the Exiles to the top of Division one.

Yarcon Crusaders had another good victory when they met Mill Lane Exiles - score 9 - l - maximums for Kian Burgess and Lewy Carby.

Exiles then met Yarcon Police who were back to better form - score 4 - 6. Two wins each for Simon Allen, Nick Calver and Tony Shaw.

Yarcon Dynamos could only muster two players and went down 3 – 7 to Mill Lane Exiles with Bob Lamb/ Mick Wright /Paul Stone winning against David Willgoss. Paul lost just to Chris Neve in the fifth.

Kings E had a decisive victory over ENSFC C winning 8 - 2.

Submitted by Edna Fletcher 15th November 2015


The new season is now well under way.  

Yarcon Crusaders are the inform team as they beat Yarcon Police

10-0. Tony Shaw was unlucky losing two games in the fifth.

Mill Lane Exiles had no answer to Crusaders  and went down  l – 9.

Crusaders then came up against Yarcon A who got off to a good start when Matt Current beat Kian Burgess

three straight but Matt then lost to both Lewy Carby and Curtis Beales. Josh Baker had a good game against

Kian losing  7- 11 in the  final game. Lewy played excellent table tennis when he found himself two down against Martyn Clarke and rallied well to take the next three and gain another point for his team.

Score 8 – 2 to Crusaders


Yarcon A then met Yarcon Dynamos and took the match 7 – 3. Josh Baker beat both Neville Beckett and Chris Neve

then had to really fight against David Willgoss but took his tally to three wins  when he claimed the 4th set

Paul White fought hard against David but went down  9  -  11  in the fifth.

Martyn Clarke won his three.


Yarcon College Exiles scored 9 points when they met Mill Lane Eagles- Paul Stone went the distance against Ryan Moore and Mike Woolston but could not get those vital points. Bob Lamb scores the only point for Eagles when he defeated Mike in three straight games.

The Exiles then went to town against Yarcon Police taking nine points in a one sided match.

Yarcon Sparks had a good win against Dynamos 7 – 3 but could not keep the momentum going when they played Yarcons A who beat them 9 - 1. They were also unlucky against Crusaders loosing 2 - 8. They also lost to Mill Lane Eagles 4 - 6.

Eagles kept their winning form when they met Dynamos winning 7 - 3.

Gorleston Cons played Broadland and there were some very close games before the Gorleston team just took the honours at 6 games to 4.

Broadland then played well against Mill Lane winning 6  - 4.

Mill Lane bounced back against Kings “B” taking the match 6 – 4 and then they earned a draw when meeting Telecom.

Telecom were too strong for the young ENSFC team and won all ten games and then went on to gain the advantage in their match against Kings B winning 6 - 4.

Kings E and Kings D were both on the winning side  when they won  9 – l against Broadland and 7 – 3 against ENSFC.

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