Great Horkesley TTC Teams for 2017-18 season

Please note that (initially) we deliberately register only three players in any specific team except in the Premier Division even if we know it is actually a 'squad' of four or five that will 'rotate'. Those (initially) registered as (unallocated) 'reserves' then become formally attached to specific teams only after they have won seven games. This allows us to maximise available player flexibility across all teams/divisions within the CDTTL 'play-up rules. If you click on the Division, a link with take your through to the relevant 2017-18 Fixtures and results on the CDTTL League website.

Premier Division

Team A


Richard Hutchinson

Andy Warner

Paul Broxton

Charlie Futcher

Daniel Shelley




Richard Hutchinson

0796 7829985



In addition to those shown left; the following are GHTTC registered players that are available for team selection.


Once again; 'reserves' should note that just because you are not in our initial registered three that doesn't mean you are not part of a specific Team 'squad' employed in 'rotation'.


This is simply to exploit 'play-up' rules to our wider club advantage.


Steve Holland

Matt Rogers

Richard Kemp

Adrian Leech

John Gillett

Aron Jordan

Daniel Gibbons

Annette Thorpe

Simon Gilhooly

David Pratt

Aaron Becker

David Jones

Bob Jennings

Colin Strutt

Andrew Ayton

Stephen Lustig



Division One

Team B


Ken Lewis

Lloyd Bennett-Smith

Pete Witton




Steve Holland

0778 5384676

Division Two

Team C


Phil Wolski

Steve Lowe

Colin Brown




Phil Wolski

07887 523399

Division Three

Team D


Paul Barnes

Janet Faiers

Keith Monk




Paul Barnes

0796 4116893

Division Three

Team E


Ian Carter

Hazel Hume

Roger Warren




Ian Carter

07918 717818

Division Four

Team F


Darren Heppel

Sam Gardiner

Steve Gibbons




Darren Heppel


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