Dear all,

Secretaries please use either of the following forms to register each of your teams for the season.

Team Registration form 201718.doc

Team Registration form 201718.pdf

Please can these be completed and sent to Paul Werleman by the 23rd of August. (Further details on forms.) I am aware that players can be on holiday during this time, but only a minimum of 3 players must be registered at this stage, others can be added as necessary. Any problems contact Richard Nash on 07834525942

Note: It is up to individual Secretaries but individual registration forms do not need to be passed to Paul Werleman, unless either their details have changed, they are a new player or they are a junior, as a parental signature is required. 

Individual players are responsible for registering with Table Tennis England (Previously ETTA) as team registrations cannot be completed for the start the season until they have paid their membership, whether a new player or existing player. Most memberships automatically renew. This can be done using the link below.

Individual players registering may use either of the forms below:

Individual Registration form 201718.doc

Individual Registration form 201718.pdf

Any problems accessing or completing these please contact Richard Nash on 07834 525942 or by email via

Fixtures should be available late August/ early September for a league start beginning 18th September.

Good luck.

Please note: We can now accept an emailed version of  individual registration forms by copying and pasting the following info into an email and completing and sending to both and

Player Registration Form

Season 2017 – 18


Registering to play for (Team)   ________________________________________


This form only needs completing if details have changed or you are a new player or junior.


Full Name






ETTA Number










Date of Birth



Contact Telephone Number


Email Address



For juniors:

Name of Parent/Guardian


Player signature

(Or parent if a junior)




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