GTTA handicap competition rules 

1. All teams will be entered as per league entry.

2. All matches will be played by the dates given on the website.   

3. A team will normally consist of 3 players registered to that specific team. However, in the event of three registered players not being able to play due to exceptional or unforeseen circumstances they can request a specific player within their club, from the same or lower division, to play that match as a ’stand in’ as long as the following conditions apply:

a) The handicap committee MUST be given at least 3 days notice and agree to any such team changes prior to the match being played.

b) A team is only allowed one ‘stand in’ player per match

c) No player is allowed to be a ‘stand in’ more than once

d) A re-registered mid-season team change does not alter a player’s previous team allegiance together with the above conditions (a-c)

4. Handicap matches will be played as a league match, i.e. three players per side, each play all, but no doubles. Each match will be four games up to 11. No two clear points, games can finish at 11-10. At the end of the match, the team scores are added up (with the handicaps added) and the team with the highest number of points will be declared the winner.  If the scores are equal the team receiving the handicap will go through.   

5. The Handicap Secretary must receive the results by the Friday of the week following the match.   

6. Players will be informed of their own personal handicap on the website.  All league players will be given an individual handicap based on last season’s averages and/or known ability. Team handicaps will be arrived at by the addition of the three individual player handicaps that actually play in the match. Points are deducted from the higher division team’s handicap if they are playing a team from a lower division as shown on the scoresheet. The difference between the teams’ total handicaps is the start handicap of the lowest ranked team.

If two division 1 teams play, then the individual player handicaps are doubled. If a player plays up for a Division one team, their individual handicap is NOT doubled. 

7. The first named team in each tie shall be considered the Home Team.   

8. The Home Team shall offer their opponents a choice of two dates giving the opponents at least two weeks’ notice. Matches are played at the Home Team venue but can be played at the Away team’s venue or a neutral venue by mutual consent.   

9. Players should only play for the team that he/she is eligible for. Ineligible players will forfeit any points won during games played. 

10. The handicaps will be set by the Handicap committee.

11. The maximum handicap will be 360 points. 

12. All enquiries and results for the Tournament to Handicap Secretary:  Handicap Secretary : Alan Perratt 


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