Affiliation Fees to the County explained


There has been some debate about affiliation fees so I wish to make a statement to address these concerns.

We need the affiliation money to fulfil our commitment to provide coaching and venue hire for our young players and to further their tournament play.

We provide the entry fees and expenses for players to play in the County Championships in four age groups – Cadets, Juniors, Seniors and Vets. It is an honour to be selected for your County.

We also have a commitment to provide the County Closed Championship each year, which generally makes a loss.

Not all players take up these offers but surely they would not deny these chances for others – which would happen if we had no income.

If we had volunteers to help us put on 1* and 2* events we could reduce the fees but this isn’t happening.

The more we encourage the youngsters the more they will stay with the sport and expand the leagues and provide us with more competition.

Compared with other sports especially badminton our fees are small. Ours is a relatively cheap sport.

It has been queried that a player playing in more than one league pays more in affiliation fees but this only amounts to about £2 extra. The players playing in multi leagues have a great love for our sport, would not quibble over pennies and would surely wish the sport to grow and flourish.

We do have money in the bank but this balance is being eaten away.

Nevertheless, we do not recommend raising affiliation fees this coming year.

Janie Kirby

County Chairman



Author: via Gloucester Table Tennis League
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