Proposed rule changes for the 2016-17 season

There have been 3 proposed rule changes this year – 

1) Rule 5j to read:

It is the responsibility of the home team captain to submit a scorecard. The results must be with the Match Secretary within 5 working days of the match being played. The home team will forfeit 5 pointsof the season’s total if a scorecard is not received within the timescale.

(Proposed by the Committee)

2) Rule 5c to read:

Matches shall consist of 4 sets of singles and one set of doubles. Each of the two single shall play each of the opposing team; one set the best of five games. The singles players can pair up to play the doubles set, but if desired, players who have not participated in the singles sets may play in the doubles.

Rule 3b to read:

Any club entering teams must register at least two players per team and each team shall de designated in alphabetical order from A, the highest, downwards.

Rule 3c to read: 

The registration fee will consist of two parts. Registration with Table Tennis England and registration with GTTA. The fee with T.T.E. will be as set out by them. The fee for GTTA will be £10 for senior players and £4 for junior players. After the first threeplayers have been registered for a team, any additional players can be registered for half the appropriate GTTA rate, such fees to include a Handbook. A special fee- to be decided by the Committee- may be charged to non-affiliated players to allow them to take part in City local tournaments at the discretion of the Committee. The Committee has the power to reduce registration fees for specific purposes, as they see fit.

Rule 3e iv to read:

No more than one player is allowed to play “up” per team per match.

(Proposed by Andy Taylor)

3) Rule 3e ii to read:

Players registered in the same club may act as a reserve for any of their teams in the same division provided that the reserve player/s has a percentage average for the season equal to or less than the highest ranked player not playing for the team on that evening.

(Proposed by the Committee)

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