Bircham A V Hunworth 28/9/17

Andy, Aaron and Laura hosted Colin, Steve Damms and Steve Hudson.  The opener was a sing of things to come with Andy and Colin going all the way to a final leg, a battle of styles but it was Colin who came out on top 11-9 in the fifth.  Aaron then took control and ran out a three leg winner against Steve Damms before the second five leg game of the night, this time between Laura and Steve Hudson, in a game that ebbed and flowed, it was Laura who emerged victorious with a 12-10 win in the final leg.  Aaron hen chalked up his second three leg win of the night against Colin, before Andy followed suit against Steve Hudson.  Steve Damms then put in a fine performance against Laura to win in three.  In game seven, Steve Hudson took a leg off Aaron, but couldn’t stop him completing his maximum on the night.  Colin notched up another point on the boar for the visitors when he got past Laura in three.  Final singles of the night Saw Steve Damms take the first leg from Andy, before Andy responded by taking the next three without reply.  Doubles saw Aaron and Laura take on Colin and Steve Hudson, the home side sealing the win in four.  Final result 7-3, player of the night, Aaron Howell.

Thorpe Trafalgar V Billingford 27/9/17

Archie, John and Simon hosted Pete, Dave and Arthur.  The homes side got off to a flier when Pete had no answer for Archie’s much improved play, Archie steaming through in three.  Next up Dave got the visiting side on the board with a three leg win over John before Simon repaid the favour dropping just two points during his match against Arthur.  When Pete won in three against John it was set to be a very close night which proved the case when Archie won in three against Arthur, only for Dave to do the same against Simon.  Incredibly the first six games were all won in three legs, made up for in the seventh when John and Arthur had a real scrap, this going all the way to a fifth which Arthur just pipped.  Simon followed up with a three leg win over Pete and then maybe the game of the night between Archie and Dave, another one going all the way to a fifth, Archie just having that more attacking intent, winning in the fifth.  Doubles saw Simon and Archie take on Pete and Dave, this one also going all the way with the visiting duo just sneaking an 11-8 final leg to salvage a draw.  Final score 5-5, Player of the night, Archie Rayner,

Bircham B V Little Snoring B 25/9/17

Paul, John and Stefan hosted Dan, Vanessa and the debutant, Paul Ogden.  The opening game saw a great 5 leg affair to start off with, Paul taking the first two legs against Dan, before Dan came storming back to take the next three for the win.  Game two saw a tense affair between John and Paul, although won in three by Paul, the kegs were tight!  Game three saw the home side get on the board when Stefan put in a strong performance against Vanessa to win in three, this was followed up by John putting in his own great performance against John to follow suit.  The home side were on a roll now with Paul registering his first victory of the night against Vanessa, winning out in four.  Game six saw Stefan take on Paul, and it was Paul who stopped the rot and won out in four.  The next two games were also won in four, this time by John and Stefan against Vanessa and Dan respectively.  Paul Ogden finished up the singles with a three leg win over Paul King.  The doubles featured John and Stefan against Paul and Vanessa, and like many of the games before them, this was a close one, going all the way to a final leg which the home side took 11-7 to close out the victory.  Final result 6-4, player of the night Paul Ogden.

Little Snoring B V Billingford 21/9/17

Ian, Dan and Vanessa hosted David, Tony and Arthur, the opening game was a cracker, with Ian taking on David, David took the first two legs before Ian fought back to take the next two tightly contested legs to force a decider in which Dave held his composure to take 11-4.  The next two games went the way of the visiting side both by a score of 3-1 with Tony, fresh back from holiday, getting past Dan and Arthur registering a victory against Vanessa.  Game four saw David take his second game of the night, this time against Dan.  At the halfway point another five legger arrived, this time between Ian and Arthur.  Arthur having the best of the beginning taking the first two legs before Ian turned up the class to take the next three for the win.  In game six Tony registered a three leg victory against Vanessa, before Dan returned the favour against Arthur.  David completed his singles night with a three leg win over Vanessa, before Ian decided that he really fancied a third five leg game of the night so duly obliged against Tony, a game that really did swing in roundabouts, Ian taking the final leg 12-10 for the win.  Doubles saw Ian and Dan take on David and Tony, the visiting duo proving to have just a bit more in the tank, winning out in three.  Final result 3-7, player of the night, Arthur Lake.

Thorpe Trafalgar V Eagles 20/9/17

John, Archie and Simo hosted Jack, Kris and Jon.  The visiting side got off to a flier when Jack used all of his power against John to win in three, but this was matched by Archie who had too much in his arsenal for Kris, also winning in three.  Simon took on Jon in game three whch was a fast and furious billiant game to watch, and it was Simon who came out on top in four.  Game four followed the same scoreline with Archie winning the power battle against Jack.  At the halfway point Jon registered a three leg victory over John.  Game six saw a cracking five legger with Simon taking on Kris, another thriller with a lot of Polish words spoken during the game that may have been easily translated! It was Kris who came out on top in the final leg.  How to follow a game like that? just have another five legger, this time between Archie and Jon, Jon using all of his experience and awkward playing style to put a real challenge in to Archie, but Archie was equal to it and held his nerve in the final leg for the win.  Game eight saw Simon take on Jack, and again Jack left nothing in the locker as he squeezed past Simon in four.  Final singles of the night saw Kris finish of his good night with a three leg win over John.  Doubles saw Archie and Simon team up against Kris and Jon, some tight legs in this one, but it was the home side who prevailed in four.  Final result 5-5 an honourable draw, player of the night, Archie Rayner.

Bircham B V Bircham A 18/9/17

John King, Stefan Iwanczyk and Neville Lingwood hosted Aaron, Andy and Laura.  The visiting side off to a good start when Aaron put in a solid performance against John to win in three, this was followed up when Andy put in his own consistent performance against the awkward Stefan, to win in four.  Game three saw the first 5 legger of the night between Neville and Laura, the final leg decided when Laura kept her cool to edge it 11-8.  Aaron then completed his second three leg win of the night against Stefan, before Laura decided that she really fancied having another 5 leg game, so duly obliged against John, and just like the first one she kept her composure, taking a very tight final leg 15-13.  Andy kept up his good form by beating Neville in three, before Laura once again went to 5, this time against Stefan, in another final leg that went right to the wire, this time it was the home side that came out on top, Stefan taking it 13-11.  Two 3 leg victories for Aaron and Andy against Neville and John respectively followed, before doubles featured John and Paul King against Andy and Laura, the home side taking the first leg before the visitors took the next three without reply.  Final result 1-9, player of the night, Andy Marsh

Conservatives V Hunworth 18/9/17

A home side of David, Pat and Graham hosted Haken, Steve and Colin.  The visiting side were strong throughout, dropping only three legs all night, the highlight of the night was game five between David and Colin, this one went all the way with David taking a 2-1 lead and seemingly on course for a great result, before Colin stormed back, taking the final two legs.  In the very next game Graham took the first leg against Steve, but was unable to add to that with Steve taking the next three without reply.  In the doubles Haken and Colin combined against David and Pat to finish the night on a high.  Dennis added on the card "Enjoyable evening played in a great spirit of competitiveness and frindship.  We were hoping to see Stan Munn but unfortunately due to injury was unable to play and had to face Haken Bennell who was drafted in at the last moment, as always, Haken, (cabaret entertainer and player extraordinaire) provided entertainment par excellence and I can only hope that (except for the result) this is the standard to look forward to for the rest of the season"

Hunworth V Little Snoring A 14/9/17

Colin, Steve Dams and Steve Hudson hosted Chris, Steve Price and Garry.  The opening game saw Colin take on Chris, with Chris taking the first two legs before Colin fought back taking the third 11-9, the next leg was also won 11-9, but this time by Chris for the win.  In game two, Steve Price set the standard with a 3 leg win over Steve Dams, in the third game, Steve Hudson responded in kind against Garry to get the home side on the board.  In game four Chris again took control by taking the first two legs against Steve Dams, but Steve took the third before Chris closed out the game.  Halfway point and Colin registered his own three leg victory against Garry.  In game six Steve Hudson took on Steve Price, safe to say that Steve won, in a game with great rallies it was Steve Hudson that came out on top in four.  Game seven saw Steve Dams beat Garry in three before Steve Hudson took on Chris, again it went to four legs and again it was Chris who came out on top.  Final singles of the night also went four legs with Colin taking on Steve, some tight legs in this one but Steve held out for the win.  Doubles saw Colin and Steve Hudson take on Chris and Steve, a battling performance from both duos followed, with the game going all the way, the visiting side snatching the final leg 11-4 for the win.  Final result 4-6, player of the night, Chris Fuller.

Bircham A V Snoring B 14/9/17

Andy, Aaron and Laura hosted Martin, Keith and Dan.  The opening game saw Andy take control against Martin, but Martin kept in the game with some sharp backhands, Andy winning in three.  Aaron followed suit against Keith to register his own three leg victory, and Laura, not wanting to miss out, joined in with a three leg victory of her own against Dan.  Game four saw Aaron take on Martin, and again Martin proved to be competitive but could not deny Aaron a three leg win.  Halfway through and Andy completed a perfect half when he took victory in three against Dan.  Game six between Laura and Keith was very competitive, Keith registering the visiting side's first leg, but Laura held her nerve to win in four.  The remaining singles were closed out in three legs a piece with Aaron beating Dan, Laura continuing her good run against Martin, and Andy remaining consistent against Keith.  Doubles saw the ever present Aaron and Laura combination take on Martin and Keith.  This game went all the way, the home side dominating the first two legs before the visiting side fought back to take it to a decider which Aaron and Laura took 11-8 to complete a strong showing on the night.  Final result 10-0, player of the night Martin Boddy.

Conservatives V Eagles 11/9/17

Conservatives opened their camapaign against a strong looking Eagles side, Dennis, Graham and David taking on John, Jon and Kris.  The opening game proved to be the highlight of the night, a thrilling five legger between Dennis and John.  After John took the opening leg 11-4, Dennis stormed back to take the next two both 11-9, but not to be denied, John took the next 11-6 to force a decider in which he edged out Dennis 11-9.  The next three games all went the way of the vistiting side without dropping a leg with Jon beating Graham, Kris beating David and John beating Graham.  Game five saw the Conservatives register a leg when Dennis took the first against Kris, only for Kris to take the next three without reply.  David followed suit in the next game to take the first leg against Jon before Jon closed out the next three.  Seeming to like a scoreline of 3-1 game seven was no disappointment, this time Kris got past Graham in four.  The final two singles went the way of the visiting side with John and Jon completing their maximums on the night against David and Dennis respectively.  The doubles saw Dennis and Graham take on John and Jon, and again a scoreline of 3-1 followed to the visiting side.  A very competitive opening for Conservatives.  Final score 0-10, player of the night, John Welsh.

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